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Creamy Creations Takeover

No description

Elizabeth Bracco

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Creamy Creations Takeover

Advantages of the Classical Approach
Application of Classical Management
Fayol's Elements of Management
Weber's Centralized Power
Centralized Form of Decision Making and Power
Taylor's Time and Motion Studies
Application of Taylor's Studies
Questions to Ask Ourselves
New management of Burger Barn emphasized objectives, provided better efficiency, and increased profits.
Structure, productivity, and communication within Creamy Creations benefited with assigned tasks.
The eatery became more efficient when the employees were given tasks according to their strengths.
Teamwork was reinforced with the staff when Burger Barn introduced the new system.
Due to the hierarchy, tensions and obstacles were identified and dealt with quickly.
Disadvantages of the Classical Approach
Due to the new system, customers that visited regularly may have felt less welcome.
Creamy Creations can suffer immensely if the manager appointed is not experienced.
Employees can become stagnant if they are always assigned the same tasks; also, they may have difficulty adapting to the new system.
Evaluations must be kept current and productivity should be evaluated daily.
Do customers prefer the original serving system when the eatery was run by creator Bob Peterson?
Does the location effect the clientele preferences?
Approach to the Collection of Data
Provide surveys for customers to share ideas or preferences.
Ask customers for their opinion of the eatery in its current state, and ask them for opinions on the changes made.
Ask the customers how they felt before and after the changes were made to the serving system.
Creamy Creations Assessment
Current Standing&Future Standing
Downward Vertical Flow
of communication
Creamy Creations could possibly be made into a chain eatery.
Free Flowing Communication
is available if they choose against expansion.
There are currently
face to face
channels of communication.
Creamy Creations Takeover
Planning: Burger Barn introduced their objectives of how to achieve better efficiency and increase profits.

Command: Tasks were given to each associate to meet goals.

Organization: Manager evaluates strengths and weaknesses of associates, and then arranges them according to their strengths.

Coordination: If the above steps are done correctly, the staff of Creamy Creations will come together to make a whole.

Control: Having someone in charge of observation and evaluations of associates and management to ensure achievement of goals.
Organizations will be most effective when central management has control over decision-making and employee activities.
Burger Barn created a hierarchy to establish unity and structure within Creamy Creations.
There is one best way to do every job
Evaluation of the smallest details
Making proper selections for workers and their roles
Structured training systems
Reinforcing division of labor
Understanding the Preferences of the Clientele
Introducing New Feedback Systems
Create surveys with rewards for completion.
Use Point of Sale (POS) for tracking popular items an comparing figures.
Increase communication from employee to manager.
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