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The biography of joseph savary

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anthony lu

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of The biography of joseph savary

his adult life
When Joseph became adult he joined the French army in Haiti. He rose to a rank of an officer. After he went to New Orleans and the War of 1812 started between of the United States and Great Britain, Joseph Savary joined the United States Army. When war began he immediately signed up. During a battle in War of 1812, he once said “March on! March on, my friends, March on against the enemies of the country.” Joseph inspired his men to fight. Joseph also had a brother who fought with him in New Orleans. Unfortunately Savary’s brother died two days after the battle.

Do you know who Joseph Savary is? He was the highest ranked officer of African American descent in the United States Army. He was initially a lieutenant and was eventually promoted to a Major due to his service. Joseph Savary was a native of Saint-Domingue, Haiti. Joseph had fought against the French during the Haitian Revolution to help bring freedom to the slaves in Haiti. He Left Haiti during the late 1700’s for New Orleans which at the time was French territory.

his early life
In his early life he lived with his mom and dad. The father’s name was Charles Savary. He had at least one brother. The brother’s name is Belton Savary. Joseph Savary was a free man in Haiti. He was also an officer in the Republic French army. After Napoleon overthrew the French Republic and tried to re-establish slavery in Haiti, Joseph Savary left for New Orleans with his family. New Orleans became part of United States territory when Napoleon sold Louisiana territory to the United States.
Joseph was promoted to a Major which was the highest ranked officer that an African American had ever been. December 19, 1814 during the War of 1812 he was promoted to a Second Major. It was General Andrew Jackson who promoted him to a Major. Joseph started out as a lieutenant in the beginning and was one out of three African Americans who were lieutenants. It was because his heroic action in the war that he got promoted to a Major.
pop quiz
Lets see if you were paying attention.

Who promoted Joseph Savary to a major?

He was a native of what?

When did his brother died
Joseph Savary was important because he made a difference in the War of 1812. He led his men to help the Americans win the Battle of New Orleans. Without him it may not have turned out the same. The enemy may have lost still, but Joseph’s role help ensure a victory against the British. Joseph Savary’s soldiers were credited with killing British Major General Edward Pakenham. General Andrew Jackson praised Savory’s men saying that the British withdraw from battle was caused by the British’s loss of Major General Edward Pakenham.
The biography of joseph savary
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