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Sentence Patterning Chart

A project for a computer class to present a piece of information about working with CLD students and language.

Gretchen Rayburn

on 17 July 2010

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Transcript of Sentence Patterning Chart

Sentence Patterning Chart Select a book with
STRONG characters Do a Model Think Aloud Using the Glad Strategy:
Sentence Patterning Chart,
begin building your chart. Adjectives Noun Verb Prepositional Phrase Fill in the columns with adjectives (red),
verbs (green) and prepositional
phrases (purple) from the book.
These are written in special colors. If the students get stuck, or can't pull words from the book; have word cards (like the smart cards) that you can pass out randomly or purposfully Time to sing! Sing to the tune of Farmer in the Dell.
Adj. adj. Noun;
Adj. adj. noun;
Adj., adj. noun verb prepositional phrase. The students LOVE IT! Use post its to know
where they are singing Now for the fun Build it: Allow swapping if they like a better word or add one they remember from the book. Give each table group
a set of words to
make a whole sentence.
Let them build it together and create a sentence like the ones done with the whole class.
The team can then sing together. Mix it: Give each table group
a set of words HOWEVER -
The group does not make
a complete sentence.

The teams will need to go
"Shopping"at a neighboring table
for the one or two words they need
This is a great oracy practice tool. Write it: From the sentences built, teams can write a sentence about the character on their own. They could then add that to a character study of their own. The End
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