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Eco School

No description

Olivia deGregory

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Eco School

Litter Campaign
Garden Campaign
Primary School Division
Who Are We?
Coordinator of the Committee
Ms Katrina Elllis
Head Teacher of Garden Campaign
Mr Nonito Viajar
Head Teacher of Garden Campaign

Mr Tito Bourne
Head Teacher of Litter Campaign
Mrs Marcia Ferguson
Head Teacher of Primary School Committee
Mrs Cheng Bee Selim- Dela Pena
At the request of Mrs Doherty (Principal) Mrs Selim established and became the coordinator of the Eco-Committee on September 17th, 2014.
The Students
Our Committee
Mrs Wilchcombe & Mrs Gardiner
Our Primary School division has 15 students from Grade 6.
Members have a litter count 3 times a day and keep a tally of the different forms of litter.
Display the Eco-Code in classrooms.
Have had recycling bins since before the Committee was established.
Every Wednesday there is a gardening club.
Energy Campaign
Color-coated and labeled recycling bins for Paper, Plastic, and Aluminum cans. Each block has one set of bins for convenience.
Once a day members of the litter campaign count the litter around campus. The tally is recorded and compared from month to month to confirm improvement.
The best and worst blocks are announced monthly in assembly.
Bishop Michael Eldon School
Eco School Committee

Eco-members worked hard to beautify our campus so that other students would always be environmentally conscious.
Professionals are involved, mainly in the maintenance of the garden, to ensure the committee is using the most effective measures to improve the school.
The garden was established in November 2014. Students helped prepare and cultivate the area.

Students check the garden on a daily basis and harvest when necessary.

In the front of the school we have a Memorial Garden which contains native plants. Our full native plant garden is in progress.
Where We're Going...
Litter Police - Members of committee will be designated as litter police who will administrate a minor consequence to people they see littering.
"Name and Shame" - We will have different litter police catching people in the act and portray them in a Powerpoint.
To display our vegetables in the upcoming Farmers' Market.
Competition to come up with new effective ways to conserve energy around school.
Parent & Community Representative & Member of "Keep Grand Bahama Clean"
Community Representative & Member of "Keep Grand Bahama Clean"
Early in the Campaign
The Start of Our Garden
Power off Wednesday: Classrooms do not use any form of electricity until 7:45am -12pm.
Monitoring: Classes on the campus are checked daily during snack time. This allows us to determine which classes are not conserving energy when it is not needed.
The Eco School is currently looking for better ways to monitor the school energy conservation.
What's grown in the Garden?
Bok Choy

Biology Teacher
Physics Teacher
Chemistry Teacher
Garbage in the Proper Receptacles
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