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Rumors and Gossip

No description

Beth Rosenblum

on 21 March 2018

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Transcript of Rumors and Gossip

Rumors and Gossip
What are rumors?
Gossip is when you talk about someone behind their back
What do you do if you are caught up in gossip?
Don't join in.
Don't spread the story.
Apologize to the person that you talked about.
Rumors and gossip hurt.
They end friendships.
They break trust.
Don't get involved.
Don't spread the story.

Today we are going to talk about drama, rumors, and gossip.
What do I do when I hear a rumor?
How do I stop them from spreading?
How can I stay away from drama?
Key questions:
Rumors divide:
Listening to rumors keep them going.
Rumors are hurtful, mean, and almost always untrue.
Many times the story is untrue.
Kid President gives some great ideas of things we SHOULD say more often....
But what if what I say is truth?
Is it okay to pass along the true story?
The Triple Filter Test:
What if it's true?
If a story can pass the triple filter test, then it is okay to tell. If the story fails the triple filter test, let the rumor end with you.
Filter what you say.
1. Is it 100% truth?
2. Is what you are about to say good?
3. Is is useful for me to know?
If a story does not pass the triple filter test of:

You decide.....
You overheard someone talking about your friend's new haircut and how ugly they think it is.
Do you tell your friend? Remember the filter test: Truth, Goodness, Usefulness
What if what I hear has to do with someone's safety?
ALWAYS tell a trusted adult if you hear of someone in a dangerous or scary situation.
This example fails the triple filter test. Don't tell this rumor.
Does it count as a rumor or gossip if we talk about it through text messaging or social media?
Ask yourself...Would I say this to the person's face? Does it pass the triple filter test?
Bonus Kid President Video:
How can we stay away from drama?
Know who your friends are
Surround yourself with positive people
Be kind and nice to everyone
Don't lie
Don't get involved with other people's drama
Thank you for your purchase from www.teacherspayteachers.com/store/School-Counseling-Rocks

-All videos are from www.YouTube.com
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