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Media Giants Presentation- AOL Time Warner

No description

tarra tresham

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Media Giants Presentation- AOL Time Warner

Media Giants Presentation- AOL Time Warner
By: Tarra, Katherine, Amy

AOL Time Warner is currently an exceptionally successful company and its future is appearing to be even more successful!
The company is leading the industry in size and product, and there are multiple branches within this growing company.
AOL Time Warner continues to hire new, creative leaders to help bring the best ideas to the table!

What Is The AOL Time Warner's Mission Statement?
The company's mission statement reads: "AOL Time Warner Inc., a global leader in media and entertainment with businesses in television networks, film and TV entertainment and publishing, uses it's industry leading operating scale and brands to create, package, and deliver high-quality content worldwide through multiple distribution outlets.
Brief History of AOL Time Warner
1990- Time Warner becomes the largest media conglomerate in the world after the merging of Time Inc. and Warner Communications
Over the 1990s, Time Warner releases several services such as the first digitally transmitted television and the DVD
2000- AOL purchases Time Warner for $164 billion dollars, forming AOL Time Warner Inc.
Best Known Products? Least Known Products?
AOL Time Warner owns many companies, and has many well known products such as:
Turner Sports
People Magazine
Warner Brothers
Sports Illustrated
Ellen Degeneres Show
The Hobbit
The Big Bang Theory
Boardwalk Empire
and many more!
How Can the Company Advertise With Its Different Subsidiaries?
AOL Time Warner is able to advertise itself easily due to its subsidiaries including CNN, Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema & over 150 magazines.
These companies are heard frequently in households, and in all forms of media, thus giving AOL Time Warner constant advertisement.
From this, we can implicate the success of the company and the impact it has on our society.
Does AOL Time Warner Do Production In Canada?
AOL Time Warner does not produce in Canada, however it does sell to Canadian markets.

Time Warner's Bright Future
What are the financial figures of AOL Time Warner?
-In 2012 Time Warner's sales revenue was $28.73 billion
-And posted a third quarter profit in 2002
- Currently their stocks are worth $64.30
How would you get a job at the company?
1. Visit timewarner.com and click on careers
2. Click on a key word, which is the field you're interested in
3. Then a list of jobs that are available in that field come up
What was the most surprising or interesting piece of information that you found out about the company?
How many popular movies have been produced by AOL Time Warner and how successful it is
Identify the owners and executives of the company and its headquarters
-Time Warner is a publicly listed company
-Frank J. Caufield owns the majority of Time Warner's stocks
- JP Morgan Chase & Company owns the most number of shares
-Time Warner's CEO is Jeffery Bewkes, as of January 1st 2008
-Time Warner’s headquarters is in New York, United States of America
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