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Harness the power of enterprise social video

How Enterprise Social Video can help your organization increase collaboration and connect communities. By Paolo Tosolini (paolo@tosolini.com).Keywords: Enterprise 2.0, online video, social media, SharePoint, Microsoft. Font: http://loosydesign.com

Paolo Tosolini

on 23 February 2017

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Transcript of Harness the power of enterprise social video

Secure knowledge sharing platform for Microsoft confidential information
Originally built on SharePoint 2007
Any employee can upload audio / video podcasts Flip Video Samson
Zoom H2 TechSmith
Camtasia Podcast-in-a-Box program 3 podcasts / month commitment
2000+ employee generated podcasts
Average cost: ~$40 each Sales / Marketing Product Groups Operations Little time
High job commitments
Career aspirations Readiness Portal for Microsoft Services (17K people)
Reduces time and expenses to build and deliver readiness to the field
Promotes peer to peer employee generated readiness content Learn at your own pace and time “Great to learn something new every day optimizing your commute.” “Nothing better than learning in your back yard!” "Nobody has time to read anymore. Podcasts are the way to go." Establish a reputation in the organization "SBN allows me to give back to those that have helped me succeed and it has established me as a leader within my technical communities.” "...my involvement has totally changed my job! It's raised my profile enormously - I've even been awarded a 'Gold Star' bonus for the communications work I've been doing!!” Your very own learning path Academy Mobile Services Broadcast Network (SBN) Make it fun... Microsoft Facts 90K employees
112 countries
40% global workforce Harness the power of enterprise social video
and mobility to connect communities
within your organization Drew Keller
drewkeller@storyguide.net - @drewkeller Paolo Tosolini
RUN Studios
paolo@tosolini.com - @tosolini Let's meet Michael Circa 2003 July 2007 Title
Rating Be consistent
Production quality is secondary
Humanize, entertain, be passionate How can you make social video work for you? Platform Business
Processes Adoption
Strategy Is Michael an exception? Choosing a Platform Share on:
- Internal Twitter
- Personal "MySite"
- Email
- Other internal web site One destination
Social features
Hide technical complexities Platform summary Business Processes Production
Cost recovery
Success Metrics Studio vs. Do It Yourself Podcast-in-a-Box Results 4 years old
67K Unique Users (74% company)
1K uploads per month
90K downloads per month Measuring success Adoption strategy Run a pilot program
Get executive sponsorship
Reward your early adopters
Create excitement Executive videos Employee generated videos The Long Tail of content Why social video
is working at
Microsoft? Motivation Autonomy
Purpose Mike's advice to succeed DriveTime case study IT managed or 'in the cloud'? ...and curious
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