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ThyssenKrupp Elevator v2

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trey zackery

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of ThyssenKrupp Elevator v2

The TKE Destination Experience TKE – Team Detroit Resources AGENDA TKE – Who we are TKE 1001 Woodward Modernization ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas We Are America's Largest Elevator Company 220,000 elevators on Service, one-third of which are competitors' equipment.
13,500 employees.
200 branch and service locations
$2.7 billion annual sales Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation is backed by the unsurpassed technological and logistical resources of ThyssenKrupp AG, one of the most advanced corporations in the world, ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas is positioned to drive industry growth and innovation for decades to come. Who is ThyssenKrupp AG? ThyssenKrupp AG is an integrated material and technology group with over 177,000 employees in 80 countries developing ideas and innovations to over solutions for sustainable progress.

The Elevator Technology operations unit brings together the Group's global activities in the area of passenger transportation system. When you modernize with ThyssenKrupp, our global solutions ensure passengers arrive to their destinations safely, quickly and conveniently. A world class training, repair, and engineering support facility The key functions of International Technical Services include: Field Engineering support for competitors' equipment

Post-Warranty Field Engineering support for ThyssenKrupp installations

Technical Training for ThyssenKrupp and competitors' equipment

Diagnostic tools for ThyssenKrupp and competitors' equipment

Technical Publications for many competitors' models

Circuit Board repair (competitors' equipment)

Electronic Parts exchange (competitors' equipment)

Marketing support for service contracts involving competitors' equipment TEAM DETROIT Number of Routes: 20
Number of Mechanics: 21
Service/Repair Manpower: 12
Modernization Manpower: 22
2800 Elevators Under Service ThyssenKrupp Elevator, 35432 Industrial Rd.
Livonia, MI. 48150, 734-953-3734 TEAM Detroit Unmatched Local and Global Experience LOCAL PROJECTS Broderick Tower-Detroit, Mi -(3 Gearless Elevators)
Book Cadillac- Detroit, Mi -(5 Geared and 3 Gearless Elevators)
David Whitney Building- Detroit, Mi- (5 Gearless Elevators)
Fox Office Center – Detroit, MI.(5 Gearless Elevators – DD Up-Peak Boost)
AT&T Building – Detroit, Mi. - (9 Gearless Elevators – DD Up-Peak Boost) Modernization Energy Savings Potential HYDRAULIC ENERGY SAVING
POTENTIAL 30% UPGRADES Solid state starter
Motor efficiency controllers
High performing fluids TRACTION ENERGY SAVING
Regenerative drives
POTENTIAL 25% UPGRADES Auto slow down
Motor efficiency controllers
LED lighting Installation process What is the sequence? The first car to be modernized will be removed from service All per car new equipment installation (controllers, door operators, etc.) will be performed on this car Group Destination fixtures will be installed for one riser 100 years of quality All components are put through a rigorous inspection. And, testing occurs at each stage of manufacturing, including the entire system before being shipped to the local distribution center.

ThyssenKrupp Elevator takes pride in the products we send to your job site. Over Generations Strong The average life span of a typical office builiding is 73 years. ThyssenKrupp Elevator supports building owners every step of the way. By partnering with us, you'll be backed by 150 years of ThyssenKrupp Elevator expertise, quality and service; maximizing the life of your elevator system, while reducing its environmental impact TAC50 Control System The TAC50 control system provides the highest degree of flexibility in matching elevator performance to the changing characteristics of passenger demands in today's mid-to high-rise buildings. The TAC50 is manufactured with pride in our Walnut, MS manufacturing facility. The TAC50 traction control system offers: An intelligent 32-bit microprocessor processing data quickly.
State-of-Art load weighing device
Intelligent decision making based on your building's traffic pattern.
Efficient use of energy with 10K Regenerative Drive.
Destination Dispatch. TAC50 Final Phase Status All modernized cars are grouped and dispatching on TKE Destination Complete Final legacy controller is removed, along with all remaining legacy fixtures Second kiosk riser will be installed in the last phase Experience Level with Destination Since 2004……. 86 Properties 155 Groups 784 Elevators Controller Experience with Destination Input Devices Options Touch Screens
Surface Mounted Touch Screens
Flush Mounted Fusion Surface Mounted Touch Screen Custom Screens Capture Operation Capture Operation can be accessed by a hidden button In this example, the button is hidden behind the company logo. Pressing the hidden button will display a screen to select the desired elevator. In this example, the button is hidden behind the company logo. Tenant
Experience Existing Proposed Existing Proposed Upper Floor
Tenant Experience Custom design for your building ADA Compliance Partnering with Bedrock Real Estate Services Seeing Is Believing Please Join Us Thank You ITS Facility – Dallas, TX
Manufacturing Plant – Middleton, TN
Current “in progress” Show Job – Freedom Tower, NYC Please Join Us Freedom Tower NYC – 73 Elevators, 11 Escalators - $170M+ NATIONAL PROJECTS BEFORE AFTER SCOPE New TAC 50m controller
New Gearless Machines #1-9
New Loadweigher
New Hoist Cables
New Closed Loop Door OPERATOR
New Doors on #10
New Stainless 5wl cab on #10
New Selector
New Governor and governor rope
New Hoistway positioning system
New Hoistway wiring and Traveling Cable
New Fixtures per spec or Destination Dispatch
Phase I & Phase II Fire Service w/ Smoke Detectors GTG bedplate designs: TGL2 Rope Drop: 47” max (Deflector above)
56.9” max (Deflector below) Old DC Machine New AC Gearless Machine Wright Kay Building
Custom Screens
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