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Christmas Traditions: British Virgin Islands vs. North Carolina

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Rowen Clayton

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Christmas Traditions: British Virgin Islands vs. North Carolina

By: Hannah, Rowen and Selena What Happens Before
Christmas British Virgin Islands North Carolina A Personal Tradition Christmas Time Christmas Day What's Different? Common Christmas Day
Traditions Hannah: My family typically has a big party on Christmas Eve, then either someone (usually a family member) will either spend the night, or we will go to a family member's house for lunch/dinner and spend a vast majority of the day there. In the early morning, whoever is at our house will all open are presents, going in a certain order that differs with the year. Christmas time in the British Virgin Islands is a widely celebrated time of year, seeing as most of the population is Christian. They shop feverishly in an effort to make sure that the stock does not run out, and they will have all that they need for the holidays.

Big things around Christmas time are cooking and decorating. They love trimming the tree, and instead of leaving the presents under the tree like we do, they tie the presents to the branches of the tree. On Christmas, popular foods to eat are ham or fowl. They usually use fresh fruit as a centerpiece for the main table, and flowers on the smaller side tables.

They also have what is called the 'Challenge of the Carols' which begins in the Emancipation Gardens at dawn. It is a large outdoor concert. There are many similarities between the way we celebrate Christmas and the way they do. But, there's a few differences, too. We have our presents usually under the tree, while they have theirs hanging down from the tree, tied. Both the Virgin Islands and the United States celebrate Christmas during winter. December 25th, commonly known as Christmas Day, is one of the most anticipated days of the year - as well as Christmas Eve. But what happens before these two special holidays are what makes it so magical! Americans spend the most of December preparing, and buying presents for friends and loved ones. If you're a celebrator of Christmas, you're bound to receive gifts from friends and family! Families of young children commonly put wrapped presents under a cut fir tree before Christmas Day, claiming them to be from "Santa". On Christmas, the presents will be opened. Afterwords, it depends on the family, some will celebrate with friends and family, while others will spend the time alone. What's In Common The things these two countries have in common with each other are:

They both celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
Both countries host a feast before and/or on Christmas Day.
The Virgin Islanders have a "Christmas" tree in their houses, as well as us Americans.
We both buy presents for each other. Participants in the Challenge of the Carols Thanks For Watching! We obtained our information from the following list of sources:
Google Images
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