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Shayla Mallory, We beat the street

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Shayla Mallory, We beat the street

Timeline Calculations 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 Team 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c A Scene In the book. It all started when Rameck and his friends
were driving home and Rameck knew that
he needed to go slow and carefully so he
did. Next thing you know 3 police cars are
on the side. When they start following
Ramek he was a little scared and just kept
going slow. Then one of his friends says
you might wanna stop and Rameck says
well there are no sirens or lights on. So
Rameck stops anyway and the police man
get out and put your hands up. They got out and the police man checked his car and they said your going to jail and they found pocket nife. They did nothing wrong. Character traits
George-curious: Perhaps when you go to college you can learn to write syphonies or plays of your own she said. College? I never even thought about it.It was like goinRameck-mean:"He's threatening me! Ha! Like o care". (SKIPPING SOME)three", he said finally. Rameck was pulsing with rag(SKIPPING SOME) Rameck no longer able to control his anger, picked up the boy over his head.then slammed him to the floor head first.g to China or the moon.
Sampson-Bad: Me and Noody will go in,get the icees,and put them in our shorts. It'll be easy!! Since the boys were often without money, this was not the first time they had targeted a locol store for a free snack. 5 words from the book Lecture- A planed talk on a chosen
subject given before an audience; such
a talk written down or printed; speech

Adherence- act of holding to and follwing

Sullen-silent because of bad temper or anger

Vigor-active strength or force

Envy-feeling of discontent;dislike,or desire
because another person has what you want

The Reasons I Like This Book. Reasons I liked the book I also like the bookbecause it is not just for one type of person or one type of race it's for everybody because it teaches you a life lesson no matter who you are.
I really liked this book because it explains to you that you should not judge a book by it's cover because there is something magnificint behind it. I think this book is great because it let's you know that there are some people who love you and want you to do good in life and not waste it.

I like this book because it explains that your good friends will be there with you no matter what. I liked this book because it was a good impact on my life and I want to use it in life. How I would describe the book. GO for what you want if you want it bad then work hard and don't quit you will make it. I apply this to my life because I know and have been told in my life that if you work hard and go for it you will get it and I plan on doing that with my life and through my life. Resons i liked the book
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