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The Great Gatsby: A Hero's Journey

No description

Maddie Ca

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby: A Hero's Journey

-The Great Gatsby is set in the 1920's in New York.
-The story is told through the perspective of Nick Carraway.
-Nick Carraway tells a story of his neighbor, Jay Gatsby, a rich man who throws parties every night hoping a girl named Daisy (who happens to be Nick's
cousin) will come.
Ordinary World
-Long Island and New York City
Call to Adventure
-Nick moves to Long Island hoping to become a part of the wealthy society when he becomes Gatsby's neighbor.
-Gatsby reunites his long-lost-lover, Daisy, through Nick.
Refusal of the Call
-Unfortunately, Daisy married a man named Tom.
-Because Gatsby is so passionate about winning Daisy back, he does not refuse the calling.
-Gatsby is instead a mentor for Nick, helping him achieve his dreams.
Crossing the Threshold
-Gatsby and Nick visit Daisy and her husband, Tom.
-After a tense conversation, Daisy suggests they head out into the city.
Tests, Allies & Enemies
-Tom and Gatsby get into a very heated argument, both trying to win Daisy's affection.
-Gatsby's anger gets the best of him and scares Daisy.
-Daisy chooses Tom.
-Tom trusts that Daisy made the right decision, so he allows Daisy and Gatsby drive home together.
-On the way home, Daisy accidentally runs over and kills Myrtle, Tom's secret lover.
-Gatsby takes the blame even though it was Daisy who killed her.
Ordeal Part 2
-As an act of revenge, Myrtle's husband shoots and kills Jay Gatsby. Them himself.
-Gatsby's story has no resurrection, instead, Nick will carry out the rest of the hero cycle for him.
-Gatsby's quest for Daisy ends without a reward.
-The reward is more for Myrtle's husband, because he got revenge on Gatsby.
The Road Back
-Daisy and Tom leave New York.
-Nick is still recovering from the death of Gatsby.
-There are news stories about Gatsby's death. Most of the stories tell about how much of a monster he was. He went from a well liked party-thrower to a monster who "killed" Myrtle.
-Daisy never confessed.
-Nick realizes how shallow and greedy the wealthy were.
-They could attend every party Gatsby threw and have a good time, but when the time came for his funeral, no one showed up. Not even Daisy.
Return with the Elixir
-Nick returns to the Midwest with a whole new outlook on the American dream.
-His "elixir" was not an item, but knowledge and a whole new outlook on life.
Jay Gatsby
Nick Carraway
Myrtle's Husband
By: Maddie Caple
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