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No description

Zach Frazer

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Football

Adjusting Problem-Solving Strategies
Business Xmas Flea Market, had to solve the problem of what to sell.
Personal Goal Development

Stopped playing piano
Developed personal goal to learn multiple songs.
Google Apps.
Electronic informative posters.
Communication through e-posters.
Football (Soccer)
Effective Use of Resource
Center Backs: Involved Citizen
Full Backs: Critical Thinker
Wingers: Effective Communicator
Midfielders: Self-Directed Learner
Attackers: Academic Achiever
Substitute Bench
Technological Communication
Collaboration for Group Goals
Collaboration on Health PSA Video
Worked with partner to complete project.
Substitute: Effective Communicator
Working collaboratively.
Speech Confidence.
Academic Achiever
World Studies improvement.
Collaborative and Independent Work
Digital Technology
Assigned mostly independent tasks.
Can collaborate on some tasks.
Substitute : Academic Achiever
Sustained grades.
No consistent improvement on grades.
Critical Thinker
Evaluation of resources, ie. sources
Still have not redefined many problem solving strategies.
Self-Directed Learner
(Safer Australian Roads and Highways).
Vehicle safety

Safety Awareness

Involved Citizen
Active Decision-Making
In band for Student Variety Show.
Made key decisions about the performance.
Improving the Community
Christmas Flea Market.
Raised profit for Habitat for Humanity.
Learned how to program JavaScript.
Code Academy
Used multiple resources.
Substitute: Self-Directed Learner
Safety Awareness
Co-Curricular Programs.
How would I define my personal development over the past two years in the context of ESLRs?
Critical Thinker
Effective Communicator
Academic Achiever
Substitute: Involved Citizen
Interaction with diverse cultures.
Improving the community outside of school.
Substitute: Critical Thinker
Involved Citizen
Self-Directed Learner

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