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Online Creative Resume

No description

JR De Los Reyes

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of Online Creative Resume

Behind the Magnifying Glass Creative Resume Portfolio BA, Communications: Public Relations at California State University-Fullerton JR De Los Reyes Responsible for keeping Walt Disney's legacy alive through excellent guest service, a culture of story telling, and a focus on creating magic at the Disneyland Resort. Guest Relations Host
The Walt Disney Company Responsible for assisting the communication department with public relations and marketing related tasks. Communications Intern
Orange County United Way VP of Marketing
Entertainment Tourism Club Responsible for assisting the GSROC with public relations and marketing related tasks. German Shepherd Rescue
Orange County, California CEO and Founder of www.PilotsCabin.com Pilots Cabin Through my various work and extracurricular experiences, I have developed strong, essential skills that allow me to contribute to any work environment, as well as yours. My ability to prioritize, adapt and dedicate myself fully allows me to conceptualize and implement solutions in a professional and amicable manner. About Me My primary goal in life is to achieve success, both professionally and personally.
As I grow in my career I learn what my personal definition of success is.
No matter how "success" changes with my current goals, my drive is insurmountable.
Succeeding in my goals is as important as breathing. Scripted Tour Guide and Guest Relations Host.

Assisting with Guest concerns and inquiries to create happiness and maintain the reputation of The Walt Disney Company.

Creating, building, and maintaining relationships with guests and fellow cast members. Maintaining the organizations social media using unified content marketing software.
Creating and dispersing information through press releases, press kits, and PSA's.
Maintaining communication with OC community reporters and writers.
Helped provide content and maintain the organizations blog. In charge of promoting the club and organizing events with professional panels and mix-in events.
Built and maintained the organization's website (www.etcfullerton.org).
Monitored and maintained the organization's social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter). Assisting the organizations with social media such as Twitter and Facebook.
Creating and dispersing information through press releases, press kits, and PSA's.
Communicating with OC community reporters and writers for publicity. In charge of a small team of writers and shirt designers.
Moderating and supervising activity, advertising, marketing.
Maintaining and providing content on the website, Twitter and Facebook. Teamwork is very important to me. I enjoy participating in team oriented sports. Hard work and dedication is the only way to operate. It has been a source of my success. I am pursuing a career in the Entertainment, Sports, or Music industry in the field of Communication/Marketing E.JRDELOSREYES@GMAIL.COM 909.292.5533 I am goal oriented, a quick learner, and can juggle multiple projects at the same time. I have a strong passion for the field of Communications and Marketing.
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