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M²: The Mitga, Meita & Mitm Alumni Forum of the Antwerp Management School


Frans Verstreken

on 28 September 2017

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Transcript of M²: The Mitga, Meita & Mitm Alumni Forum of the Antwerp Management School

The Mitga, Meita & Mitm Forum
The 'M² Forum' is a non-profit initiative at the Antwerp Management School. It is a community of alumni of the MITGA, MEITA and MITM executive masters programmes. The 'M² Forum' gathers alumni professionals, all passionnate about Enterprise Governance of IT, IT Management, Enterprise Architecture and IT Architecture.

The 'M² Forum' has 3 activities.

ps: M² could have been M³ ;-)
2-3 times a year the M² Forum gathers its members in an effort to bring 'rigor and practice' together through:
one lecture preferably by a member on the practical application (successful or not) of a subject related to EGIT or EA
one lecture preferably by a member of the AMS (professor, student, ...) on a theoretical subject
With learning experience
The University and its students can rely on the M² Forum to be provided with support in establishing scientific research:
peer groups
Open to new M² students in the beginning of their course.
With a serving mindset
Networking capabilities
knowledge sharing
inflow for the Mitga/Meita programmes
job opportunities

Once a year the M² Forum will organize an open activity focusing on e-leadership
With an sharing mindset
Coutesy to the INSEAD e-Lab and the European Commission
"Managers, entrepreneurs, and business executives must have e-competences to grow, export and be connected to the global digital markets. In a digital economy, e-leadership skills are essential"
Michel Catinat, Head of Unit "Key Enabling Technologies and ICT" at DG Enterprise and Industry, EC
LinkedIn Groep: M²
LinkedIn 'company': M²


"fake it 'till you make it"
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