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Florida Standards Assessment

No description

Jennifer Dettling

on 23 January 2018

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Transcript of Florida Standards Assessment


Language Arts
4th Grade ONLY-February 28 (Tuesday)
-Students will have 120 minutes
-Paper Based (2+ passages and write)

3rd Grade-Paper
March 28 Day 1 (Tuesday)
March 29 Day 2 (Wednesday)
- Two
minutes sessions
-3rd Grade have to score a level 2 in reading to be promoted.

4th Grade-Computer
April 11 Day 1 (Tuesday)
April 12 Day 2 (Wednesday)
- Two 80 minute sessions
3rd and 4th grade-Computer
April 18th Day 1 (Tuesday)
April 19th Day 2 (Wednesday)


minutes Sessions.

8:30-9:50-3rd Grade

10:00-11:20-4th Grade
Tonight you will...
1. Learn testing schedule
2. Learn about testing details with reading, writing, and math
3. Explore practice testing site you can view from home

What you can you do at home?
1. Have your student take the practice test. Talk with your student about their experience.
2. Help build reading stamina by having student read for 20 minutes every night. Informational/Fiction
3. Ensure your student is fluent in their math facts.
3. Make sure students get a good night's rest before testing.
4. Make sure students are at school on time.
5. Don't schedule any appointments the days of testing.
6. Review STAR Rubric with student.
What DEA is doing!
1. Exposing students to new testing procedures in reading, writing, and math. Practice using the interactive tools. (MOCK)
2. Providing incentives for students who
* Come each day of testing on time
* Use strategies learned
* Use their scrap paper
3. Providing students with "Mock" tests
* Students with accommodations will be with the person who will test them
* Students will experience not getting up or talking
* Teacher will provide feedback on how the student tests.
What will the
Assessments look like?
Get those questions out
Take two minutes to write down the questions that you have.

Put each question on a sticky note.

We will pick up the sticky notes
On Line Resource

What do the scores mean?
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