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EMBA Recruitment and Retention

EMBA Recruitment and Retention

David Allen

on 16 August 2012

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Transcript of EMBA Recruitment and Retention

EMBA Recruitment and Retention The Evolution of Recruitment People as Assets What About Challenging Economic Times? Research Evidence
Current Strategic Issues Define Recruitment

Major Strategic Issues

Media Richness Theory

Applicants 3 R's of Recruitment Research

Recruitment Methods
Recruiter Behaviors Recruiting Methods

Job Posting
Job Bidding
Skills Inventories
Succession Planning

School/College Recruiting
Employment Agencies
Search Firms
Job Fairs and Events
Direct Applications What Works? Do You Have a Referral Program? How Do Your Internal Systems Work? How Do You Use the Intenet? Recruiter Behaviors
informative/competent Do These Matter? What in the Heck Does This Mean? Current Strategic Issues in Recruitment

INternal versus external
Integration and use of technology
Diversity recruitment
Global/cross-cultural issues TECHNOLOGY
Job Boards
Organization Web Sites
Social Networking Media Direct Costs Work Disruptions Social Capital What if there are no alternative jobs available? Organizational Equilibrium Paths, Shocks, and Scripts Why Do People STAY? Does any of this surprise you? Current Strategic Issues in Retention

Retaining high performers
Employee engagement
Retaining women and minorities Is turnover a problem? How to collect data? David G. Allen, Ph.D., SPHR
Distinguished Professor
Department of Management
Fogelman College of Business
University of Memphis
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