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The Gold Rush Era

Create a mind map or other type of organizer to identify some of the hardships the stampeders experienced getting to the Klondike, and surviving once they got there.

Josh A

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of The Gold Rush Era

The Hardships of the Stampeders Transportation The quickest way to Klondike, also happens to be the most expensive. You go by boat to Alaska, then they had to cross the mountains. The Mountain Passes was easier and less dangerous, but it was the longest trip. On this route if you could afford it people would get pack horses to carry their loads, over 3000 pack animals died on the White Pass, which was nicknamed “Dead Horse Trail,” for that exact reason. The “All-Canadian” Route, this route didn’t go through Alaska. These routes came from Edmonton, Alberta, or Prince George, British Colombia. These routes where also extremely slow. Ferrying Supplies was the final option for the stampeders, there where no suppliers so they had to take everything before hand. They had to go back and forth ferrying supplies. If they didn’t have enough supplies to last them a year the NWMP would not let them in. They might have risked starvation otherwise. Women Traveling The women, who traveled to Klondike, had the hardest time of all. This is because they had to do everything that men had to do but while wearing corsets, ankle length skirts, and high-heeled boots. They might also have to care for a child, which was even harder in the harsh conditions. When They Got to Klondike When people got to Klondike after an extremely long and dangerous trek, most people where very disappointed. The people who had come earlier had taken the best area. The only places left need a tremendous amount of work to be done and the gold was about 3 metres underground. Klondike had long winters where it was impossible to dig making people have to dig when it thawed in the spring. They had to dig up muck, which was unhealthy and a dirty job. Masha was here
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