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The Drawing of Abe

No description

Mr. Stack

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of The Drawing of Abe

The Drawing of Abe
2nd Drawing
For my second drawing, I drew Abe by looking at him, but this time I line up the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.
When I made my 3rd picture of Abraham Lincoln I used a grid to help me draw the details properly.
The 1st Drawing
For my 1st drawing, I just looked at the picture of Abe and drew it. Then, people thought it looked like Edgar Allan Poe, so I added a mustache.
6th Drawing
For my 6th drawing I drew Abe while the picture was upside down. It was not the best drawing.
5th Drawing
For my 5th drawing, once again I just looked at the picture of Abe Lincoln. It came out pretty good, but a little cartoonish.
4th Drawing
When I did my 4th drawing, I closed my eyes and imagined Abe's photo. It didn't turn out that well.
Most successful drawing
For my final and best drawing, I made it on many pieces of paper and later taped them together. I did this so I could work on 1 detail at a time.
For my self improvement project,
I learned to draw Abe Lincoln
This is the picture I used
3rd drawing
I used different techniques to draw Abe.
Thank you for watching!
Facts about art
- types of art are mosaic, painting, masks, drawing, jewlry,sculpture, baskets, pottery, weaving, photography, and more
-a portrait is a photograph, painting or drawing mainly focusing on the head.
To have a portrait done, now people can have a photograph taken of them in a few seconds, but back in the day, people would have to sit in the same position for long periods of time. this is because of the equipment available.
Sites used:
No photo available.
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