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Higher Education 2014: The End of the Assembly Line?

Higher education is under intense pressure to change its business model to contain the cost of an education and improve career readiness. At the same time, the method of course delivery and perhaps even the fundamentals of learning itself are being c

Bart Patterson

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Higher Education 2014: The End of the Assembly Line?

Online Degrees
Create "base" model graduates.
Raw materials (students) are processed through an assembly line (courses) to achieve a final product (graduates).
Images Compliments Creative Commons
Higher Education 2014:
The End of the Assembly Line?

Higher Education in Crisis?

I Nevada State College

What are the challenges facing higher education?

How do we fix higher education?
Write Down Your Answers to the Following Questions:
What is your institution’s primary goal for the next year?

What is the one thing you would change at your institution?

Write Down Your Answers to the Following Questions:
Challenges Facing
Higher Education

Value Proposition
Decrease in State Funding
Scrutiny on Efficiency
Global Competitiveness
Increased Tuition
Changing Demographics
“Peter Thiel pays kids $100k to drop out of college.”

Value Proposition
Decrease in State Funding…

…Has Led to Increase in Scrutiny

Global Competitiveness

Athletic Olympics
Total Gold Medals

Increased Tuition

By 2060, non-whites will make up 57% of the U.S. population, more than doubling from 116.2 million in 2012 to 241.3 million, according to projections by the U.S. Census Bureau.

A surge in Hispanics and Asians will dramatically change the political and economic direction of the US over the next 50 years, with no one ethnic group the majority.

Changing Demographics
United States Ethnicity Distribution



Student Demographics at NSC


21st Century Classroom

19th Century Classroom

Industrial Model Classroom

But the delivery methods and content has not necessarily kept pace.

Classroom components have changed…

What value can Higher Education
add to the age of information?

Age of Information

NSC Goal:
Foster a Culture of Innovation

Unite students from around the world
Connect students with distinguished speakers
Forge working partnerships with other institutions

Creating a Global Classroom

Industrial Revolution

Flipping the Classroom


Collisions and Community

Supply Chain Inclusion

Are you with me?




Bart Patterson, President
Nevada State College

Assembly Line Classroom

Industrial Model Education

Industrial Model Education
Tony Hsieh
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