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Kali Muscle

No description

mason king

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Kali Muscle

Kali young
At college
In prison
Out of Prison
He was born on the east side of Oakland, Cali. Around a lot of gang and drug activity his dad was shot when he was four in a half. kali had his first gun when he was 7.Luckily he had a great mom that did the best she could with three boys.In high school He played football, he was running back and he ran track. he went to fresno university with a full ride for football.
Kali muscle to be safe and stay alive he was a gang leader because San Quentin is one of the most dangueros prison in the US. And if you are feared then none will mess with you. When he was in prison is where he got swole and he gets alot of questions like, "why are guys in prison so big." News flash guy in prison have nothing to do but lift they eat food that has alot of protein and they do so many more reps.
when he went to Fresno he did really good on the sports aspect but he spent his money quickly and wasnt focused. so his money got low so he went to the couch to see if he could get an advance on his scolorship and the coach said kali a man hast to to what a man hast to do to live in this wrd and kali growing up from wer he did he took that in a negitve way and got in a gang and commited some robberys an wound up serving 11 years at San Quentin.
he now is out of prison and has a sucsessful body builing carrer and has a program calleed Excon to Icon and does things for his community. He also is in many commercials one big one is that he is in the gicco. Now he has a suesseful life with a wife and sson a kid .
by:Mason king
Kali Muscle
Kali Muscle
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