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Habib Al-Husseini

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of THE TWO BROTHERS By: Leo Tolstoy

PPA #1
Point: He wakes up and find instructions on a rock, he wants to follow them but his brother doesn't.
For my symbol I chose a compass because....
Two brothers set on a journey, finding nothing but mystery and adventures. One of the brothers didn't want to be adventurous, and the other did. They went their separate ways. One found happiness and became a king, while the other brother lived an ordinary lives. 5 years later they reunite and tell each other what has happened over the past 5 years.
Why not be adventurous? You don't know what can happen. You can become a King and rule. Or take the chance and live that same boring life.
The younger brother was adventurous and wanted to explore while the older brother didn't.
Proof: "Let us go together. We can swim across the river, carry off the bear cubs, take them to the house on the mountain, and together find happiness.
"I am not going into the forest after bear cubs," said the elder brother, "and I advise you not to go.
Analysis: Being the curious and adventurous one, the younger brother wants to follow the instructions to find happiness, but his brother say he's not going with him, and that he shouldn't go either.
PPA #2
Point: The older brother is encouraging the younger brother not to go because he doesn't believe that it's true.
Proof: "In the first place, no one can know whether what is written on this stone is the truth --perhaps it was written in jest."
Analysis: The older brother does his best to try to change his brothers mind but it doesn't work. The younger brother says his brother is wrong because why would the stone be there without purpose.
PPA #3
Point: Because of the young brother's adventurousness, he became a king of a land and ruled for 5 years.
Proof: When he reached the top of the mountain the people came out to meet him with a carriage to take him into the city, where they made him their king.
He ruled for five years. In the sixth year, another king, who was stronger than he, waged war against him. The city was conquered, and he was driven out.
Analysis: Because he was willing enough to try, he became a successful king for 5 years while the other brother lived a rather ordinary 5 years.
Making Connections
I believe that Theseus would be the best character I've met this semester, that can relate to The younger brother. Because they were both kings. Theseus shared some advice and how to rule his land the best way possible and how to be a great king.
In conclusion you can see that being adventurous is good and exciting. But being stubborn and boring can lead you nowhere. In the short story "The Two Brothers" by Leo Tolstoy, you can see what being adventurous means, it can means something great and something new.
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