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The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening

No description

Kylie Barnett

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening

The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening
By: L.J. Smith
Kylie Barnett
L.J. Smith
Author of The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening
Her full name is Lisa Jane Smith
Born on September 4th, 1969 (Age 45)

Elena Gilbert starts her senior year of school, Robert E. Lee High School, in Fell's Church, Virginia with her friends, Meredith Sulez, Bonnie McCullough, Caroline Forbes, and Matt Honeycutt. A mysterious, handsome foreign boy named Stefan Salvatore starts attending the high school. All of the girls within the entire school want his attention but Stefan brushes them off. This surprises Elena, who has never been brushed off by a boy before. Stefan has flashbacks, we learn that Stefan is a vampire who was born in Renaissance Florence. There he fell in love with a German girl, Katherine von Swartzchild, who had been changed into a vampire by another one, Klaus, when she was very ill and dying. Stefan was hoping to marry Katherine, but their romance got complicated when Stefan's older brother, Damon Salvatore, appeared. Although Katherine told Stefan that she loved him, she also seemed to be romantically interested in Damon.
She later was forced to choose between the brothers so she chose both and they were furious. She fed them her blood and killed herself the next day. They were angry at each other and they stabbed each other in the heart and they turned into vampires. Meanwhile, Damon follows Stefan to Fell's Church and becomes interested in Elena. Stefan thought that he was blacking out and killing people in town but it ended up being Damon doing all the kills.
Elena Gilbert
Stefan Salvatore
Damon Salvatore
Katherine von Swartzchild
Stefan Salvatore is a 500+ year-old vampire that was born in Florence, Italy. He is the youngest son of Giuseppe Salvatore. He was born in the late 15th century to Lily and Giuseppe Salvatore. In the novel, he is described to have thick, silky-soft, curly dark hair, green eyes, and a pale complexion of a vampire. In the TV series, he is a light brown haired, green eyed vampire. Stefan goes to a random town called Fell's Church, Virginia to start a new life with someone new. When Stefan came to Fell's Church, he thought he was blacking out and killing people. Stefan feeds on animal blood, not humans. Later on, his older brother, Damon Salvatore, is doing all the kills and framing Stefan to get revenge. The two brothers have been rivals ever since Stefan was little.
Damon Salvatore is a 524 year-old vampire that was also born in the late fifteenth century. He was born to Lily and Giuseppe Salvatore in Florence, Italy. He was turned into a vampire along with his brother by Katherine von Swartzschild because she couldn't choose between them and she wanted them to be together forever. Damon hated Stefan ever since he was born, their mother never recovered from giving birth to Stefan and passed away a few years later. Damon has been following Stefan ever since they became vampires and made his life miserable. When he came to Fell's Church, he made Stefan believe that Stefan was doing all the killings and framing him. Damon also becomes interested in Elena.
Thank You!
Elena Gilbert is a very beautiful and popular girl at Robert E. Lee High School. She is described in the book that she has pale blonde hair and has very pale skin and deep, dark blue eyes like Katherine. In the TV series, she has long, dark, brown hair, dark brown eyes and tan skin. She has lived with her Aunt Judith and her Uncle Robert ever since her parents died. Also her younger sister Margaret, a four year-old, lives with them. She has all the boys having crushes on her and a boy has never turned her down except Stefan Salvatore, an Italian student. Later after she meets Damon Salvatore, she develops feelings for him.
Katherine von Swartzschild was a German girl that lived with her father, Baron von Swartzschild. She wasn't always healthy and when she was about eighteen, she became terminally ill. Her maid, Gudren, summoned a very old, very feared vampire named Klaus to come help her. He ended up turning Katherine into a vampire. Later she went into Florence, Italy and met the Salvatore brothers. She became interested in Damon after he came home from the college he was attending. She was in love with both brothers and couldn't choose between them when they forced her to make a choice. She feed them her blood and took her Lapis Lazuli ring off and killed herself. She thought that this would get the brothers closer and it did the opposite.
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