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Depression - WWII Example

No description

Ryan Teague

on 7 February 2012

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Transcript of Depression - WWII Example

The Great Depression Works
Administration Created in 1935 the WPA was a comprehensive work project organization that was designed to assist in helping America cope with the overwhelming unemployment. Over the next 8 years the WPA will attack unemployment and provide over 8 million jobs, and spend over $11 billon on projects. The WPA provided a variety of programs, including adult eduction and training programs The WPA also provided the public with medical warnings and advice World War II The Battle of Tarawa As part of the “island hopping” campaign the US Marines attack the heavily fortified Japanese controlled island of Betio of the Tarawa Atoll. During November 20-23, 1943 the Marines conduced one of the most fiercely contested amphibious landings of the entire war. The struggle for the tiny island will take a heavy toll on the American forces. Over 1000 soldiers are killed with 2,300 wounded. An additional 687 sailors are lost when the USS Liscome Bay is sunk. The battle was even more devastating for the entrenched Japanese troops, who lost all but 146 of the 5,000 soldiers on the island People of the Era Adolf Hitler After the loss of World War I many young Germans, like Hitler, were looking for answers. In the early 1920s Adolf Hitler find people with similar views in the newly formed Nazi party After the failed “Beer Hall Putsch” Hitler is arrested. While in jail he authors “Mein Kamph” it will serve as his blue print for war By 1934 Hitler had declared himself Furher and began to rearm Germany After the invasion of Poland in 1939 and the successful invasion of France in 1940; Hitler is close to realizing his dream of world domination.
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