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Mountain Barriers

By Danielle And James

Danielle Lash

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Mountain Barriers

Mountain Barriers What is a Mountain Barrier? A Mountain Barrier is a mountain that act as a border. What does Mountain Barriers prevent? Mountain Barriers stops migration and trade between culters. How does Mountain Barriers affect climate? Mountain Barriers affect the climate because when the air moves up and over mountains the air cools. Location also affects the climate because if the sun is shining on one side of the mountain the other side will have no sun and get cold. When new mountains rise, the climate changes. Mountain Barriers are hard to cross. Leeward side means the side sheltered or away from the wind. Windward side means the side the wind is blowing. When the wind meets the mountain it moves up the windward side, the cool air can not hold the moisture and then it becomes precipitation. By the time the the air reaches the summit of the mountain most of the moisture has been released. A destert could be caused of a new mountain range because the mountains could block rain to an area. By: Danielle Lash And James Canlas Kweku-Teye
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