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The Powder Room

social Enterprise

Antra Mehta

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of The Powder Room

The Risk Takers
Social Problems
The Powder Room
Triple Bottom Line

Nearly half of Indian 1.2 billion population have no toilets at home

49.8% defecate in the open and the remaining 3.2% use public toilets.

About 77% homes in the eastern state of Jharkhand have no toilet facilities

There are 10 million bucket toilets which are manually cleaned by scavengers

700,000 children die every year due to diarohea and dehydration caused by poor hygiene
The Powder Room
Social Return on Investment
A Social Enterprise
Team Cohesiveness

16 years

5 years

6 Years

Understanding of the problem

Striving to create social value

Solving hygiene problems

Educating people about composting toilets

Avoiding problems related to sewage system

Composting toilets does not need scavengers for disposal of sludge.
Saving water specially in water scarce regions

Recycled manure

Manure for local farmers

Avoiding water Pollution due to grey water loading

No disruption to soil systems as the pipeline installation is eliminated.

Reducing sewage leakage
Low cost toilets (Min £45)

Improving Quality of life

Development of rural areas (Composting toilets can be made in any kind of geographical area)

Water resources can be used for other purposes

Generating Employment
Bringing awareness about good sanitation and improving the quality of life
Creation of ecologically sustainable sanitation facilities

Educating the community about sanitation through composting toilets

Empowering the local communities
Hill Holt Wood: Its a woodland, its a business and its a concept

Sulabh shauchalaya: Is an Indian based social service organization which works to promote sanitation and waste management.
Business Model
The Powder Room
Mission Driven Businesses
Commercial Toilets
Plant Nursery
Organic Manure


Social entrepreneurs

Local Community



Tourism industry


Local businesses

5 years
Gopal Mohan
Antra Mehta
Roopangi Bhati
Anu Pandey
5 Year Forecast
Articulating Social Value
Initial Cost
Powder Room (40 @ £45): £1800
Nursery (3 @ £90): £270
Amenities for toilet for 4 months( 4 @ £500): £2000
Maintenance for 1 month (10 @ £36): £360
Amenities for nursery: £500
Labor for 4 months (4 @ £456.25): £1825
Lease for 5 years (3 @ £452): £1355

Total: £8110
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
T. Revenue:
T. Cost:

G. Profit

£ 4438


Hard Outcomes
Soft Outcomes
Number of tourists benefiting from the toilet

Employment generated

Number of free toilets built

Amount of manure given out for free

Amount of manure sold in the Nursery

Increase in the number of commercial composting toilets
Improvement in quality of life due to better sanitation

Development of the area due to the increase in the number of tourists

Increase in awareness of the benefits of sanitation
Investment Needed: £8,110
Pay Back Period: 1.4 years
For 16% Equity of The Powder Room

Private use
Proceeds used to build free toilets in under developed areas
Used for processing the manure
Point of sale for the manure
Educating people on the use of composted manure
Sold at the nursery in 1kg bags
Free manure will be given to the government
Year 5
Year 4


Utilizing networks built to replicate model to other states in India

Risk Analysis
Lack of awareness

Working on public land
"If it works here, why not everywhere?"
Earned Income is paramount
Employment Generated in 5 years
The pay and go toilets: 1 * 65 = 65

The Nursery :
Workers: 2 * 22 = 44
Care Takers: = 8

Total = 117p
Tourism in Jharkhand
Lack of Public toilets in the tourist locations of Jharkhand
Ranchi: 20
Jamshedpur: 11
Hazaribagh: 15
Deoghar : 12
Giridih: 10
Sahebganj: 8
Dhanbad: 12
Tourist Location
Free Toilets

Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5

Total: 80 Toilets
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