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melisa luginbuhl

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi


-Provides evaluation services or technical assistance on evaluation planning
- Serves as liaisons between the local, regional, and state level evaluation of state-wide initiatives
-Assesses continuously how we are meeting stakeholder needs
-Utilizes a variety of tools for assessment including "water-cooler" style assessment to validate quantitative data
Connecticut Prevention Network
Capacity Building
-Applies a public health approach using data to plan evidence-based initiatives based on communities' readiness and capacity
-Guides grassroots coalitions in the planning and implementation of their strategies, while emphasizing use of environmental or evidence-based strategies
-Sustains efforts though networking and partnerships
- Convene and facilitate task forces addressing specific issues eg. opioid groups
-Utilizes public health, positive youth development and community development approaches
-Seeks leverage and provides additional funding and/or resources to organizations and local coalitions in order to implement effective strategies
-Pilots sub-regional and regional efforts based on community needs

-Reaches all of CT's 169 towns at the grassroots level
-Gathers qualitative and quantitative data
-"Shoots and Ladders"- Provides national, state, regional and town-level data to communities and gathers local and regional data for the state's planning process
-Contextualizes local data using relationships
-Engages representation from more than 13 different sectors with each RAC
Leverage, Infrastructure, Interconnectedness, Influence, Relationships
-Engages and participates in sub- regional coalitions addressing behavioral health, prevention, school wellness and safety etc.
-Brings Behavioral Health and Preventionto the table in ever expanding ways
-Acts as link between state, regional and local groups
-Advocates legislatively for policy change at local and state level
-Educates locally, regionally and state-wide on implementation of strategic prevention framework
-Actively participates on 15 state task forces
- Convene statewide prevention forums
-Encourages use of, and often implements, student surveys with community groups and schools
-Leads sub-regional Community Needs Assessment Process
-Creates Priority Ranking Reports
- Gathers data for and disseminates data from Nationally recognized Community Readiness Assessment
- Provides assessment TA to LPCs
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