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"The Red Queen" by Victoria Aveyard

Reading Project due by 3/15/16

Kagura Chan

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of "The Red Queen" by Victoria Aveyard

The Red Queen
Mare Barrow (Protagonist)
Mare is the type of girl who excels in pick-pocketing and rebellious acts. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, and has sharp tongue. This song, "Teenagers" (clean version) remind me of her because this song is about teenagers and how rebellious they can be. The songwriter wrote this while he was on a train and watching a bunch of teenagers who were messing around.The song is basically about how teenagers are treated within society, and how their stereotyped as all being noisy, dirty kids (from the songwriter's perspective.) Mare in the story is of Red blood, and even though someone her age should be acting like an adult, is very bold, isn't afraid to speak her mind, and very much acts like a teenager...Which scares me because she could get herself into trouble with that bold mouth of hers. "I struggle to my feet, one hand on my aching head as things come into focus. A figure stares at me beyond the bars. A crown glitters on her head. "I'd bow but I might fall over," I say to Queen Elara, immediately I wish to take back those words. She could put me in the stocks, take away my rations, punish me, punish my family. She's the queen. She could just kill me. She could kill us all." This text really makes me relate Mare to this song because of her being so bold in front of a
that could kill you, for goodness sake, it's like being a teenager, and that's why she relates to this song.
This mostly pertains to the main antagonist, Maven, the mind-reading Queen's son. This song seems proud and lively, but in reality, it's very chaotic and almost evil, it's deceiving in a way. It reminds me of Maven because he's just like that. The whole time, he makes Mare think he's on her side (since he's her betrothed), manipulating her to do various things to get his way, killing enemies out of his way, etc. In the end, he confesses he was betraying her all along, almost succeeds in killing her friends, then Mare herself. "You took everything away from me that should of been mine, Cal. Everything." Maven looks at the girl who once loved him with his might, now turning away from him, he replaces his sickening attitude again. "The truth is what I make it. I could set this world on fire, and still call it rain."
And some will believe. The fools. But others will not. Red and Silver, high and low, some will seek the truth.
This shows how Maven betrayed Mare out of jealousy of his brother, he framed Cal and Mare just to become king, and succeeded and doing so.
"Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance
"Undertow" by John Mackey
Point of View
The Point of View is told in first-person (Mare's perspective). Since it's only limited to just one person, we don't know what characters are thinking, what's going to happen next, etc. It affects the whole story by making it very intriguing and exciting. Like, what's going to happen next?
For example:
"Impossible," the shadow says to me. The voice is so sharp, I fear it might crack my skull. I fall to my knees, colliding with what feels like concrete. And then they're gone. My brothers, my parents, my sister, my memories, my nightmares, gone. Concrete and steel bars rise around me. A cage."
This song,
The Frozen Cathedral
by John Mackey is a very intriguing orchestra/symphonic band piece that really sets the point of view into a '
What's going to happen next?
' zone. It's so
, like this story and how it's being told.
Main Conflict
"The Frozen Cathedral" by John Mackey
Basically, Mare Barrow, the protagonist was born a Red to serve under the Silvers. Until she tries to stop one of her dearest friends from going into forced labor under the army, she gets into trouble, and Cal (the King's firstborn son) saves her and gets her a job as a servant in the castle since he's a prince she serves as a servant during the Queenstrial. When suddenly her powers unleash, the royal family finds out she's not any normal Red and take her into custody under the name '
Lady Titanoes
' to avoid any reputation damage. This song, Chopin's "Revolutionary Etude" Op. 10 No. 12 relates to Mare's problem of trying to cope under the identity of being Lady Titanoes and trying to find out the darkest secrets of the Silver royal family (pertaining mostly to Queen Elara and her manipulative tactics). The etude is a strong allegro with with fast-moving notes that give the sense of trouble happening, which is exactly happening her because as Mare digs deeper and deeper to find the truth, she's only getting herself into more and more trouble, and eventually finds out she was betrayed by Maven, the one whom she eventually fell in love with.
Chopin Op. 10 No. 12 "Revolutionary Etude"
Mare and Cal flee the castle they once called home, and the Red Guard becomes their refuge. After Maven confesses his plans, killed the current King, and framing Cal for doing so, Mare for brainwashing him, he sends them to the dungeon. Luckily, they escape, get caught in a sort battle with 'King' Maven's soldiers, and Mare blacks out in a nearby pond, unconscious. When she wakes, she is in the arms of the Red Guard, a rebel group against the Silvers. She and Cal are saved by them, relief running through her body like currents that she and Cal are safe. ""You're safe now, Mare. They won't harm you while you're in this area." Farley smiles..." This song, Aurora Awakes by John Mackey is a very peaceful piece, and I thought it would suite well with this relief of an ending because of it's calmness and basic tone saying,
It's going to be okay, everything's okay in the end.
Anybody can betray anyone
' is the theme. Mare tries convincing Cal to betray his kingdom, his father-- All for her. Maven knew how deep his brother had a soft spot for Mare, and was trying to use her once again for his plans. Mare was being used by both the kingdom and Maven. The text states, "Choose me," I breathe against him. "Choose a new world.
a better world. The soldiers will obey you. Your
will obey you..It was my blood in the cells. I helped the Guard escape. And soon everyone will know--and they will kill me. Don't let them.
Save me
." The words stir him, and his grip on my wrist tightens. "It was always you."
He will always choose you.
"Greet the new dawn, Cal. With me. With
" His eyes shift to Maven now walking toward us. The brothers lock eyes, speaking in a way I don't understand.
He will choose us.
"It was always you," he says again ragged and ruined this time. His voice carries the pain of a thousand deaths, a thousand betrayals.
Anyone can betray anyone
, I remember. "The escape, the shooting, the power outages. It all started with you." I thought I knew hate before today. I was wrong.
About myself, about Cal, about everything.
The pain makes my head spin, but somehow I keep my feet, somehow I keep myself from falling.
He will never choose me.
" This song, Chopin Ballade No. 1 Op. 23, first starts out like everything is going to be okay, like how Mare was trying to convince Cal to betray his kingdom, but it doesn't turn out as well, and it hurts Mare severely learning her lesson the hard way:
Anyone can betray anyone
. Cal betrays her by turning away from her when she needed help the most--Help escaping punishment of the kingdom.
Small Summary
In this setting, the world is divided by blood, red and silver. Red is seen as 'commoner blood' and destined to serve the higher class people of Silver blood, whom have supernatural abilities that nearly make them gods. Mare Barrow is the protagonist in this story, and steals what she can to help her family survive, as they were barely trying to cling onto life. Silver-blooded people were richer, seen as much more full of themselves, caring only about their looks. They lived in crystallized homes, guards posted at each town, their powers so overwhelming, it was easy to see why Reds (whom don't have any supernatural abilities what so ever) were so easily overpowered. Of course, this all eventually changes when Mare Barrow suddenly unleashes a strange lightning power while serving the King during the Queenstrial. So, to cover up this event to help their reputation, the King and Queen take Mare in claiming she is a 'lost princess', and arrange her to marry Maven, the Queen's son.
"Aurora Awakes" by John Mackey
Chopin Ballade No. 1 Op. 23
The mood that is felt through the author's tone is determination because Mare is trying her best to solve the kingdom's darkest secrets, vengeance against the silvers for mistreating Reds so horribly, secretive because everything have to be kept SECRET or all is lost, and threatened because Mare is threatened by the Queen if she makes one slip-up, she wouldn't be afraid to kill her then and there. Eventually, this all turns into the determination to kill Maven,vengeance to kill Maven, and her secret goal, and would be threatened with many obstacles to get to her goal. "Our shared memories flash before me, parading every second of our time together. But now our friendship is gone, replaced by the one thing we still have in common. Our hatred for Maven. I don't need to be a whisper to know we share a thought.
I will kill him
." This song,
The Black Parade
by My Chemical Romance gives a very determined feeling, a will to accomplish, as in the lyrics "We'll carry on! We'll carry on!" really gives the reader to feel energetic and like "Yeah! Let's do this!"
"The Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance
Rising Action
Falling Action
When Mare's dear friend Kilorn's master dies, forcing him to do forced labor, she is trying to find a way to save him by getting him money to escape. Her little sister, Gisa Barrow, is a young girl with fantastic weaving skills, and works for the Silvers. Taking Mare inside the Silver town so Mare could pick-pocket, she fails. She first meets Cal, a Silver blood, little to be know, he is actually the prince of the kingdom. Yet also, little to be known he will be the one who offers a job in his father's kingdom in the near future. Then suddenly, the Red Guard, an rebel organization against the kingdom's tyranny, is shown on the screen of the Silver town and all the Silvers are in fear, and start brutally beating up any Red they see. Mare frantically looks for Gisa, and is saved by her when an angry Silver man almost kills her, as they desperately run to get out of the town. Gisa then tries pick-pocketing herself, but isn't as good as Mare and does it because Mare failed to accomplish so. In the end, Gisa gets caught, making her suffer by the guards breaking her hand. This event leads to Mare being appointed to the castle as a servant under the rule of Cal's father, which eventually leads to the climax. "Did you manage to get any?" Gisa yelled over her shoulder, pulling me behind her to get to the gate. "No..I didn't." I hung my head down. I should have known what she was going to do next because then her small little hand slips into a nearby purse, then almost pulling out before her wrist was snatched by the man. "H-How dare you! ... "You know the rules," the guards said, then nudged at his friend, "Pin her down." ..."I couldn't save her..Her distant screams and the sight of blood so clear it could be heard within the vast of the sky." This song, "Famous Last Words" by My Chemical Romance fits into the Rising Action because this is where Mare starts to get determined, more bold, because of her sister losing her famous skill. It was her famous last words before she left her family she wasn't afraid, and she'd definitely come back alive, and with tons of money to make them rich.
When Maven confesses his cruel plan to Mare, he sends both Cal and Mare to the dungeon where he expects them to rot, but they reluctantly escape.While during their escape, it wasn't at all easy passing through without getting caught with all of "King Maven's" guards posted literally everywhere. Eventually, they get caught while Maven was in the middle of a speech when he was just crowned king, saying it was 'horrible' his older brother 'killed' the King just to get the throne. In reality, he was exceptionally happy. He got the kingdom all to himself, all under his rule. "Such crimes will be punished! I shan't let this kingdom be ruled over by crimes of evil!" Maven hollered through the microphone...."Kill her! KILL HER!" he roars, pointing down at me through the dome, "SHOOT HER!" I've been caught. ..."The guns rise, and this time they won't wait for Maven's orders. The shooting thunders like my storm, ringing out across the empty area. But I feel nothing. When the first line of gunmen falls, their chest peppered with bullet holes, I don't understand...Before I can understand, someone grabs the back of my shirt and pulls me down to fall through the black air. We land in water far below, but the arms never let go. The water takes me down, down into the darkness." This song, "Asphalt Cocktail" by John Mackey, fits into the falling action because there were never smooth events to coming to the resolution after the climax. This song suits Mare's situation with all those guns coming at her, being targeted by the whole silver nation, etc. The song gives the darkening, moving, and 'trouble is coming' feeling that was felt in the book the whole time during those short, heart-pacing events. It also relates to Mare's quick skills of thinking to escape all that is coming at her, and comes to the resolution with a
! There were no smooth events at all whatsoever, but very rough, and very thrilling events of near-death, etc.
"Famous Last Words" by My Chemical Romance
"Asphalt Cocktail" by John Mackey
First Favorite Part
This is at the very beginning of the story. And I chose this part because I felt like this particular event made Mare relate to me, so I couldn't help but chuckle while reading. "He smirks down at me and tosses a lock of faded, tawney hair out of his green eyes. "Sometimes I forget you have the legs of a small child." "Better than a brain of one." I retorted. "You're grouchier than usual." "I just hate this things." I took a side long glance at him. "I know," he smirked. "But you still have to come anyway." I smiled, shoving his shoulder lightly." It's such a warm, distant memory before they're all separated and Mare goes rebellious. Mare's attitude reminds me of me when I'm not in the mood, but other than that, I also chose this small conversation because it was one the last moments Mare savored before she was whisked away to do her role as the main character. This song,
in Japanese, meaning 'sparkle'. Though this is a love song, I don't particularly involve myself in love, and I don't like listening to love songs, but I do love watching dramatic K-dramas. (Shh!) Though I don't listen to romancey-type of songs, this song I have to make an exception for. It's not because I find it romantic, but because it reminds me of old, distant memories. Like how Mare probably looks back on her past, distant old memories with her family.
"Kiremeki" by WACCI
Second Favorite Part
"The revolutionary, all scars and tension. Somehow she survived the slaughter in the Square. I want to smile, to call out to her, but weakens bleeds through me, keeping me still. I remember the storm, the battle of the arena, all the horrors that came before.
His name makes my heart clench, twisting in anguish and shame.
Anyone can betray him
. Then suddenly, a wave of anger surges through me, making my hands tremble. I want to hurt him.
I want to kill him."
part is honestly me. First I'm all like 'NOOO I'M SORRY' and then I go mental and then smile, 'I'LL GET MY REVENGE=)'. I'm horrible, I know. But, this is the epilogue at the end of the book, when she gets the determination to kill Maven in a matter of
. I chose this part because I felt like she really acted like me, a tormented, twisted, human being. For her out of love, that's the only thing that really separates us. This song,
A comme amour
by Richard Clayman, isn't really sad, but more thought of spiraling down the dark, dark depths of Earth. Like how Mare spirals down the world of hate because her love betrayed her.
"A Comme Amour" by Richard Clayman
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