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Relay for Life Jeopardy

No description

nancy yim

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Relay for Life Jeopardy

Day of Relay
Cancer terminology
Word Play
dark in the house, fire, wick
#1 reason people do not donate is because people don’t ask them
educational, fun,
learn your cancer facts!
Fight Back Activity
wear sunscreen SPF 15 or higher
Skin Cancer
branch of medicine that deals with cancer

5 letter word, end with R, what survivors at Relay had
______ Shot
act or practice of humans eating the flesh or internal organs of other human beings
BOOM! gunpowder, artillery
Presidential ______

About $3 billion has been raised since 1985
False-- More than $5 billion
Part of Relay honoring those who had helped those fighting cancer
Caregiver Lap
Lung Cancer
A swelling or growth that is not cancerous and does not spread from one part of the body to another.
An important part of Relay for Life. Kickin’ and punchin’ and throwin’. Opposite of front.
Is Relay for Life a multinational event?
Yes. Over 20 countries and 5,200 communities participate in RFL

lanterns, remembering loved ones portion of the event
control weight after menopause. No hormone therapy.
Breast Cancer
early detection of breast cancer test
G_ _ _ _ Platt
Gordy Platt
UC Berkeley’s CAC goal is to raise over $50,000 for Relay for Life this year. Using the willingness-to-give function $F(c,l)=c^(a)l^(1-a), where c is a function of the average amount donated per person and l is the population of people donating, and is denoted in dollar amounts, is the goal for UC Berkeley’s chapter to raise $40,000 this year?
survivors, walking,
Survivor Lap
Get a colonoscopy before you are 50 years old
Colon Cancer
Proteins formed in response to an antigen that produces immunity against certain microorganisms or toxins.
9 letters, 1st part: ___ Bear, 2nd part: book title, dystopian society, Jonas, Louis Lowry
Does Relay for Life raise over $400 million a year?
Theme of this years Relay for Life
Journey through time
Get the Hepatitis B Vaccine, drink alcohol only in moderation
A normal series of events in a cell that leads to its death. Also called cell-suicide.

3 words, Relay for Life Motto
Celebrate. Remember. Fightback
Cancer Prevention
Fundraiser Facts
Fight Back
diet, physical activity, abstain from smoking
Liver Cancer

Daily Double
Daily Double
Daily Double
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