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Prevent Vehicle Theft

Presentation that gives tips on preventing theft within vehicles

Darren Mecham

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Prevent Vehicle Theft

Vehicle break-ins are a serious problem
I've had to deal with the problem
Family and friends have as well This presentation will
focus on prevention Cars are burglarized every
25 seconds in U.S.

Prevention is the key Preventing Theft From
Within a Vehicle How Do You Prevent?
Lock car at all times
Don't leave valuables in car
Motion detector lights around house
No tint on car windows
Car security alarm Car security alarms work well
cost between $150-$1000
wise investment True Story
Can't afford a car alarm?
Be creative
Buy a foghorn
Hide in car
Blow foghorn when thief enters Caution:
If you use the foghorn you should know CPR
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