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An overview of Eucharist and evaluating whether Catholics should go to Church on Sundays

Christopher McHugh

on 3 June 2009

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Transcript of Eucharist

Eucharist Bread and wine as sign and symbol In Persona Christi Learning objectives

to know what Catholics believe about the Eucharist

to understand where God is present in the mass

to evaluate whether Catholics should go to mass on Sundays Today we are completing our topic of the Eucharist

Next lesson we will begin to investigate the historical Jesus Catholics believe that in the Eucharist the Bread and Wine are symbols of our lives.
We present them during the offertory to bring out lives before God so that he may help
us to grow in faith .
During the Eucharistic prayers the priest blesses the bread and wine, just as Jesus did
at the Last Supper. He speaks Jesus' words- 'this is my body which will be given for you' and
'this is the cup of my blood... do this in memory of me'

Through the process of TRANSUBSTANTIATION the SUBSTANCE is changed from bread and wine
to the BODY and BLOOD of CHRIST
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