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Launching a blog

Blogging for public health organizations

garrett burnett

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Launching a blog

Launching a blog Direct mail Conferences Press Trade shows Journal articles Blogs Print Web Newsletters Radio Limited time Limited resources What is under-performing? So let's get some "likes," right? Replace it with a blog Awareness
Lead generation
Content distribution Blogging with a purpose The purpose provides direction Tone
Tools Tone B2B
B2C Think like you’re running an educational publishing company Educate, inform, and entertain your target audience Keys to a successful blog Time
Managerial champions
Technical folks
Creative content person
Content Generating content Research important questions.
List good / bad examples.
Passionately tell a story.
Highlight recent trends.
Survey best practices.
Compile proven tips.
Point out a problem. Ken Krogue, Forbes ("The Death of SEO") The birthplace of the NIOSH Science Blog "Hey, geeks, I want a blog. Capice?" Share research
Promote science
Receive feedback Policy
Content Policy Level of moderation
Comments and responses Comments must be
Free of vulgarity, attacks, offensive terms, or unsupported accusations
We will
Review all comments before posting
Not post comments that infringe on copyrights, are spam, are clearly off topic, promote services or products, or could be construed as lobbying
Not share personal identifying or private medical information Our highlight reel Tools "Let's make the new guy do it so we can get back to World of Warcraft." We went low-tech 4 years later... 100 blog entries and 2,000 comments converted to WordPress How we've used our blog Tie-in to popular culture or event Assist with a current health crisis Respond to new external research Notify about a new hazard Promote a workshop or conference Support a commemorative day Seek research partners Link to other HHS reports Highlight an area of NIOSH research Seek input on research Highlight research in progress Metrics Clickthroughs
Comments More on blogging? Find me after.
I'm this one. Less control
More consistent
Faster Garrett Burnett "You don't need to see his credentials..." Recognize who.
List what.
Warn when.
Show where.
Debate why.
Demonstrate how.
State the so what?
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