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Descriptive Linguistics

Using language description as a tool to assess student output and create comprehensible input.

Deb Odell

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Descriptive Linguistics

And one more thing...
is here
Subject 1
Subject 2
Subject 3
Subject 3
Descriptive Linguistics.
Students come with deep lanaguage (Chomsky) in place as a foundation and interface for new language learning. How do we surface it meaningfully connecting deep structure to new concepts and language forms?
As A Best Practice Approach
* Sematics
...the study of the sounds used by speakers of a particular language.
..the subconscious
knowldedge of phonology,
orthography and the relationships
between phonology and orthography. Originates from the psycholsociolinguistic point of view.
* Langauge Components
Language Components
*Applied tools: IPA, Forms and Functions
ELD standards
A more general term used to refer
to all aspects of writing, including
the spelling, the punctuation,
the spacing, and special features,
such as bold face and italics.
Phontetics: sound across languages

Phoneme: a sound that makes a difference
in the meaning in a language.

Phonetic Transcription: each sound is
represented by one and only one mark
Morphology: Smallest unit of meaning.
The study of words. Consists
of "free" (tree) and "bound" (s)
morphomes as well as "open"
(Content words: book,
girl, volcanoe)
and "closed/bound" (Function words:
the, this, if).
The sentence structure
of language: Synonomous with grammar.
The study of meaning. Essential to Second Language Acquisition.
Lexicon: a group or person's own specific organized sematnics or meaning.
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