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Catherine the Great

The Greatest Monarch oh European History

Katherine Ellsworth

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great The Greatest Monarch of European History A little bit of background... Came into power when her husband
Peter III was assassinated. Reigned from July 9,1762 - November 17, 1796 (34 years, 131 days) Catherine and Foreign Affairs Expanded Russia’s borders to the Black Sea and into central Europe. Catherine agreed to a commercial treaty with Great Britain in 1766, but stopped short of a full military alliance. Although she could see the benefits of Britain's friendship, she was wary of Britain's increased power following their victory in the Seven Years War, which threatened the European Balance of Power. Defeated Turkey in the Russo-Turkish Wars, which allowed expansion Relationship with Western Europe Promoted westernization and modernization In 1780, she established a League of Armed Neutrality designed to defend neutral shipping from the British Royal Navy during the American Revolution. Arts and Culture Promoted education and Enlightenment among the elite She wrote comedies, fiction and memoirs, while cultivating Voltaire, Diderot and d'Alembert – all French encyclopedistswho later cemented her reputation in their writings. During Catherine's reign, Russians imported and studied the classical and European influences that inspired the Russian Enlightenment Catherine became a great patron of Russian opera.

Catherine believed that education could change the hearts and minds of the Russian people and turn them away from their inherent backwardness Other amazing qualities... Incorporated philosophers theories into her ruling ideas Promoted local governments and created governing districts Established a medical commission in 1763 to improve medical conditions within Russia St. Petersburg turned into the world's most dazzling capital. Theater, painting, and music flourished here. Extended religious tolerance. Promoted education for women Why did everyone else stink??? Established first university in Moscow Elizabeth I She didn't leave a successor, so England went from greatness to failure when James 1 came into order. The Stewarts took England from stability to instability and civil war. Spent a lot of money on dresses. Had over 2,000 dresses. Very obsessed with her own image. Short-tempered, sometimes indecisive ruler, who enjoyed more than her share of luck.

He bankrupted France with his foreign, military, and domestic expediture Failed to reform French institutions Someone started his reign for him, because he was only 4 Used Versailles as a bribing object Lost focus in domestic troubles with his wars in foreign lands. Louis XIV Peter the Great? Nope! He was a tyrannical ruler Often called "loud-mouthed", violent, ruthless and impetuous He imposed high taxes on subjects which led to revolts Overworked and killed Peasants during the reconstruction of St.Petersburg . Criticized the church He was a drunk and made it a command at his meetings that every one get drunk Ignored traditions Didn’t care to understand the people EX: taxed peasants heavily not concerned about there ability to pay taxes Tortured first son because suspicion of treason
Information gotten from: http://www.britannia.com/history/monarchs/mon45.html

http://www.louis-xiv.de/ We Clearly Have a winner...
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