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Greek Mythology: Prometheus and Phoenix

No description

diana casarrubias

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Greek Mythology: Prometheus and Phoenix

Greek Mythology: Prometheus and Phoenix
Link to Today
Prometheus~ Family Tree
By: Liliana and Diana
He got and gave the fire to human kind.
was a trickster

Special Powers/Domains: Prometheus
Special powers of Phoenix
Symbol of Phoenix
Family Tree/ Heritage
Link to today
The Story of Phoenix
The Story of Prometheus
symbol of life
the stories tell us how we got fire
it came with the greek god of the sun, Apollo
Summary: Prometheus and Epimetheus were given the task of creating man. Prometheus made them out of mud and Epimetheus made them out of clay. Epimetheus gave the humans many skills to use but when the time came to make them to life, all of the skills that Epimetheus gave then was gone........

Phoenix has the power to be reborn
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