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RM Offshore- Philippines Team

No description

Issa Dela Cruz

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of RM Offshore- Philippines Team

How Fraud is Found:

Two Types of Contracts Reviewed:
1. Escalations:

a. Risk-Team Escalation - This is the email queue that is received by RM leads, office-based analysts and security team lead. This escalation queue is available to all internal oDesk through gmail. This queue is managed by Krista Merce and Darling Arduo.

b. Risk Management (Zendesk) - Other groups are able to escalate issued to Risk Management by assigning tickets directly to the Risk Management Queue. This queue is managed by Krista and Darling and are attended to within 24 hours.
Types of Fraud:
1. Free-Work Fraud (FWF)

2. Fixed-Price Fraud (FP Fraud) Client

3. Fixed-Price Fraud (FP Fraud) Freelancer

4. Stolen Payment Method

5. Collusion

a. Abuse of oDesk Payment Guarantee
b. Stolen Payment Method

Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
RM Overview:
2. Reports:
The Fraud Team is composed of fraud analysts whose task is to investigate fraudulent behavior that may cause financial impact on oDesk or its users. Through reports, tickets and escalations, the Fraud Team’s responsibility is to prevent financial loss and to minimize the amount of users that may be affected by fraudulent transactions. The Fraud Team consists of 2 groups: The US Team (led by Krista Merce) and the Offshore-Philippines Team (led by Darling Arduo).
a. High-Fixed Price Report (FPR):

b. Accounts Receivable Reports (AR Prevention, AR Queue, Fast Ramp-Up)

c. Account Linking Upon Sign-Up

d. Declined CC Report

RM Offshore- Philippines Team
1. Hourly Contracts
2. Fixed-Price Contracts

The Team:
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