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jalaya gamble

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Literary Genre
realistic fiction

Pam Mu~noz Ryan

I like the end when Esperanza said i have once rose again because it made me belive when things go wrong you can change them together

Esperanza is 12 years old she is rich and powerful because her papa owns the land her papa died after going in the town. Esperanza's papa was murdered so mama, Esperanza, Miguel,and Alfonso moved to the valley's. After some weeks mama got valley fever it took a couple of months for her to get well.Abuelita hurt her leg so she could not go to the valley's with them. Soon when mama got better Miguel took the money Esperanza was saving to get Abuelita.No one know were he was. When he came back he came with a old lady it was Abuelita.

Every one was so happy they all were together and lived there.They told Isabel about were they lived before. It was a happy family.


Problem-Esperanza dad was killed by her uncles then there house was burnt down so they had to move.

Solution-Esperanza went to the valleys and lived her life there.
I would recommend this book to any one who likes (realistic fiction)
Main Charcters

i recommend this book for people who like realistic fiction
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