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Marketing Final

No description

Joanna Lai

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Final

Menchies Shanghai Background Founded in 2007 235 Stores Question How can Menchies
enter China successfully? 3 Goals 1) Enter Asian Market 2) Awareness 3) Positioning Company Consumer Competition SWOT Market Research Targeting Positioning Segmentation Porter's 5 Forces Comparative Analysis 4 P's Place Product Price Promotion Fusion of Asian/Western Healthiness New Toppings Big Mac Index Charge by Weight Above competitors Renren & Weibo Mobile App Giveaways Citic Square- Nanjing Road Implementation Financials - Brand image
- Supply chain -New Company
-Location dependent -Shanghai - Substitutable
- Luxury good Phase 1 Situation Analysis launch preparation promotion Phase 2 Phase 3 aggressive promotion Growth and Expectations Control Shortage of Supply Competitors Targeting Other Segments -Strong branding 5 Main Areas Thank you! Questions? customer retention review/adjustment China's Retail Sector Food, Beverage and tobacco demand growth Costs
Restaurant Equipment $140,000
Store Build-out/Construction $160,000
Franchise Fee $40,000
Total Cost: $340,000 Initial Investment App January 2013 Annual Expenses Timeline Rent-$150,000 yearly
Labour-$3,000/FT employee STP Threat to entry Substitute Buyer Power Supplier
power -many alternatives -large number
of suppliers Competitive Rivalry -little barriers to entry Grand Opening supply & equipment lease & renovations promote launch mobile app development May 2013 GRAND
OPENING extended promotion additional ad space buy one get one free double Smileage more frequent benefits increase Smileage per purchase special holiday flavours review promotion strategy use adjusted plan Summer 2013 Winter 2013 2014 Geographics Demographics Psychographics Segments Teens Familes Tourists Families -Product Customization -An "experience"
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