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Ravenstein's Laws of Migration

No description

Sajani R

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Ravenstein's Laws of Migration

By: Sajani and Venkatesh Ravenstein's Laws of Migration 1st law People are lazy and will only go a small distance to get the remote because it's easier.

Idea of the 2nd law- The majority of migrants will only move a short distance. 2nd Law 3rd Law Newton's Cradle- As one ball strikes the balls, the one on the end moves away.
Same idea with the first law- As people move into an area, people also move out. A kid who has a toy will not want to give it up because he is enjoying using the toy.

Idea of the law- someone living in a city will not move as they are enjoying their life, whereas people on farms will move because their life is harder. 4th Law Grazing Animals- Animals will go to bigger, greener fields to eat grass.

Idea of the law- Migrants are more likely to go to bigger, better places. In other words, they are attracted to big cities. Big people cannot move as fast as small people.

Idea of the law- Big families (Couples with children) do not migrate as far as singles or young couples because it is harder for them to move. 5th Law Bibliography "Chuck Baker Is Right!" : Cows, The Constitution, & The 10
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