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Fall 2016 Business Concentration Presentation

No description

Zam M

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of Fall 2016 Business Concentration Presentation

"When I came to CUNY, I didn't have the
clips or contacts
to get a job at a national news site. By the end, with a lot of coaching and some wisdom about real-world journalism I had an internship at Bloomberg. That turned into a full-time job with full benefits.

Is it the business journalism job I planned for?

By job description, I'm a politics reporter focusing on the presidential election. Almost every day, though, I'm covering trade, taxes, the stock market, the fall out from the housing bubble or other top-line economic data in some way. (Within an hour, I'm due on TV, and the Fed is on the list of topics.)

Yes the Republican nominee is an anti-trade former real estate investor and I write for a business news site, but these are the issues that have driven voters to the polls for all of U.S. history."

Reason #1: Let the students speak for themselves
Reason #2: It’s a program that prepares you for all kinds of jobs
Ben Brody
Where are they now? Class of 2014
Class of 2014 breakdown
20 graduated – 1 returned to Vietnam

When did they find jobs?
8 by the end of January
18 by March
19 by May

Reason #3: If it's a job you're after...
From Budding Journos to Professional Business Reporters
Why you should choose the business concentration
“I had no idea I wanted to do business reporting when I started here but it grew and grew on me as I realized it’s a unique and structured way to do interesting journalism. Capitalism defines the world and business reporting helps you understand it. You’ll also get concrete reporting skills regardless of what you want to do.”

Pamela Granda
Climbing the ladder

“The business concentration at CUNY is engrossing, entertaining and compelling. I wrote stories I never thought I would—about tobacco farmers in Appalachia and freight train operators in Minnesota. Money moves politics, international affairs and human wellbeing. Studying business reporting at CUNY makes all of these topics accessible and approachable.”
Current students

“Learning the language of business is also learning the language of politics and the way governments and powerbrokers make decisions. As business journalists you’re learning the language of power, but for the end goal of helping those who are powerless.”
Money, which is central to our story, is crucial to every beat and thus you are better than your competitors no matter what field you enter.

We believe in the need for speed. Six in-class writing assignments over two semesters.
“Learning about ways the economy works and about business has helped me dig deeper in not only more stories for this concentration but also my other work.”
"Money is part of every story. If you know how money works, how people earn it, spend it and use it, you can write infinitely better stories."
and now less than two years later...
“You learn a lot of transferable skills that qualify you for jobs and help you ace interviews and tests. It’s a foot in the door for a job and it’s actually interesting.”

“The CUNY J-School’s business concentration gives you a taste of many type of business reporting and from the classes I’ve taken, I’ve learned terms that even impress seasoned business reporters.”
“Maybe the moment I know I’d picked the right concentration was at my summer internship. One of the editors I worked under was blown away by the public records I knew how to interpret and the business concepts I know. The other was not blown away. He’s a former CUNY business student and got the same training.”
“This program will teach you how to understand the economy. You learn how to write clearly and concisely and what surprised me the most is how these skills translate to other types of journalism.”
“This concentration will give you the skills and knowledge to get a job as a business reporter. It is the concentration that will most likely lead to employment after graduation.”
“This program will teach you the basics of the world of finance, economics and business and with all this your life as a journalist will be so much easier. I liked the classes, the discussions.’’
Greg David Friday October 14, 2016

Brianna McGurran
Patrick Gillespie
Maddy Perkins
Valentina Cordero
Intern, contract worker
Production assistant
Ashley Rodriguez
retail & finance reporter
Max Willens
platforms reporter
Media reporter
Rachael Levy
Hedge fund reporter
Senior finance reporter
Ali Malito
Tech reporter
Personal finance reporter
Graphics editor
Graphics editor, datajournalist
Mark Fahey
Bianca Flowers
Video intern
Other publications alumni went to work
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