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The Light Bulb

This is going to be AWESOME!

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Transcript of The Light Bulb

The Light Bulb New to the market!!! Are you sick and tired of bumping into tables,chairs,lamps,doors,your cat/dog, even your mom? Well, for all you people that keep bumping into stuff this is the perfect thing for you! THE LIGHT BULB! Who invented it??? Thomas Edison!!! Thomas Edison was born in February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931. He was a American inventor, scientist and businessman. His first power station was on Manhattan Island, New York. When was it invented???? The light bulb was invented on 1879. What is it used for??? As you know light bulbs make light. So it's used by making dark into bright. It may help people that need to work very late in the night because it makes things brighter! It can also help you see better when its night! Who should buy it??? Well, hobos but, in this case a light bulb is perfect for you people that are allergic to wax, who can't use a lighter, or even burn them selves! Or people that want something that makes light to be turned on easily. Who is interested??? Hobos but, everybody that needs and is interested in light bulbs. It's a light bulb! Get it now!!!
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