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Nook Industries


GRS Recruiting

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Nook Industries

Nook Industries
Manufacutring Engineer, Production Supervisor, Sales Engineer, and Applications Engineer
Evaluation Stage
Planning and
Research Stage

Recruitment Stage
Candidate Starts
Post Placement

Qualification Stage
Interviewing Process
Commitment Stage
Established Network
GRS has an established database comprised of professionals to contact for referrals and to directly recruit.
Name Gather
GRS will continue to add new qualified professionals through systematic name gathering of source companies. GRS will also contact new contacts through referrals.
Social Networking & Job Boards
GRS will proactively search LinkedIn, Monster and Indeed for qualified professionals. We will also leverage our industry specific LinkedIn groups and post the position on our web site that attracts candidates in your specific niche.
Email Campaign
GRS will compose a company confidential email detailing key points of the job to relevant industry professionals
GRS will conduct an in depth second interview to further qualify candidate for the position.
Review and narrow candidates to a short list based on Motivation, Qualifications, Personality, Compensation & Intangibles.
Arrange initial interviews and Candidate/Client Interview Preparation.
Initial Interviews with candidate(s).
Candidate/Client Interview Debrief
Final Interview(s)
Offer Stage/Negotiation
Reference/Background Checking
Initial contact to determine qualifications and willingness to pursue a new opportunity.
Request and Review resume internally.
Contingent Search

No money up front to begin the search

Fee based on an estimate of the candidate’s first year earnings

30% of that amount
Priority Search
It becomes a top priority for our team

Reduced fee of 27% of first year earnings

Engagement fee of $5,000 for each individual position to begin the search

Commitment allows us to put full resources into the search

$5,000 engagement fee applied toward the 27%
Multiple Searches
Minimum commitment of 4 searches

Flat fee of $19,000 per position

Engagement fee of $6,000 for each position to begin the search ($24,000 total)

$13,000 due upon each candidate starting

Priority commitment from GRS
Target Profile
5+ years of experience
Machining and systems background
Hands-on and highly technical
Quick on their feet
Ability to identify a falty product, reject it, and rework it
CNC background
Ability to troubleshoot and set up machines
Consistently looking for improvement, and solving problems
Base Salary
Manufacturing Engineer: $70,000 - $80,000
Production Supervisor: $70,000 - $80,000
Sales Engineer: $65,000 - $80,000
Applications Engineer: $55,000 - $65,000

Sales Engineer: 10% + 1% of every dollar over uncapped, based on hitting target & corporate goals, paid quarterly
Applications Engineer: 7% of base pay & 3/4 of of 1% for ever dollar over
Attractions to the Opportunities
Challenging roles; no two days are the same
Value added sales approach
Systems approach
Opportunities to train with the top people in the world and attend trade shows
Consistently looking at innovations and product improvements
Strong product offerings
Technical and interesting applications
Diverse markets
Visible, high impact role
Opportunity to get a diverse experience and wear a lot of hats
Fluid Power/Power Transmission Team Leader:
Heather Goldberg
Primary point of contact and search leader
19 Years with GRS
Focuses in placing Sales, Sales management, engineering and general management professionals within Fluid Power/Power Transmission

Project Coordinator:
Andy Marsh
Support in identifying and making initial contact with potential candidates
4 Years at GRS
Actively working closely with the Team Leader to identify the right type of candidates

Mike Lee
Provide overall search plan and candidate closing support
18 years with GRS
Previous experience in a Team Lead role within all GRS niche industries
GRS Team
Geographical Scope
Target Companies
GRS 12 month Post Placement
Process focuses on retention and early success
• Appointment 1 - Prior to start
• Appointment 2 – 2 weeks after start date
• Appointment 3 – 30 days after start date
• Appointment 4 – 90 days after start date (timed around evaluation)
• Appointment 5 – 6 months after start date (timed around evaluation)
• Appointment 6 – approx. 2 weeks prior to first anniversary

Target Profile
Strong management skills
Ability to lead and direct others
Ability to run machines if they need to
Need to redirect the staff if they're not being productive
Strong machining skills
Hands-on and highly technical
Knowledge of how to setup on milling and turning machines
Experience with quality, cost, safety, and delivery
Target Profile
5+ years of experience in an applications or design role
Working with motion control or automation products; ball screws are a plus
Highly technical and mechanically inclined
Ability to do overnight travel
Personable and outgoing; someone who can eventually move into a sales engineer role
4 year engineering degree ideal but not required
Target Profile
5+ years of experience
Experience selling linear motion or automation products; mechanical or electrical
Calling on OEMs and distribution
4 year engineering degree is preferred
Ability to do overnight travel and cover 3 - 4 states
Highly technical
Manufacturing Engineer
Production Supervisor
Sales Engineer
Applications Engineer
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