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Mobile App

No description

Matthew McQueeny

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Mobile App

21 million page views in 2013
10 million page views in 2012


October 2008 – December 2012

Since December 2012

Since August 21, 2013

The Numbers – Case Info Portal

Launch App - November
Monitor response
Merge with other new projects
Summary / Next Step:
The App

First, we looked at overall mobile usage Nationally:
63 percent of adults use their phones to go online

34 percent of those cell Internet users say they mostly go online using their mobile phones

More than 50 percent have downloaded apps onto their phones

Why Mobile?

Total site visits increased by 10% from 2012 to 2013
The Numbers – njchildsupport.org
Getting the job done / serving clients
Progressive Customer Service

2009 – 2012 New System / New Customer Service Model

History / Rationales
Child Support Caseload
National – 15.7 million
New Jersey – 375,000

Child support Collection
National - $28.5 billion
New Jersey – $1.6 billion

Some Quick Context:

NJ Child Support Mobile Usage

Launched our Web page in 2005
Educational / Informational
Case details
Customer surveys
Inter Active Voice Response (IVR) and call center
Refreshed and Expanded Web page
Integrated services between IVR / Web
Reaching out to users
Recognizing changing population
Recognizing changing technology
Resource management
Duration: 0 – 18, sometimes longer

Service demand: High/Money and Service
What prompted us to build a mobile app?
LOGIN to view the case information for your account. The login uses secured authentication against our servers and Xerox PIN management
CASE LIST screen allows the user to view all the cases, and get a snapshot of open and closed cases.
Once a case is selected the user is taken to the main Case Details section.
OBLIGATION & ARREARS DETAILS: Contains Info and Obligation Information. Data can be drilled down as needed.
INTERGOVERNMENTAL CASE DETAILS: shows intergovernmental case info and their correspondences.
ENFORCEMENT DETAILS: can be scrolled up to view more info.
DISBURSEMENT TO CP: can view additional details by drilling into the row.
Navigating through the sections can also be done by clicking on the left and right buttons on the bottom.
QUICK NAVIGATION through the sections can also be done through the top right-hand side section menu.
Dragging the top header to the right reveals the main application menu.
CALL US: The user clicks call us to automatically dial the NJKiDS office.
MORE INFO displays additional information like direct deposit and debit card info.
MESSAGES show important messages like closings and facility changes. Messages are distributed to all users.
FIND LOCAL OFFICE allows the user to locate the office closest to their location. We leverage the phone’s GPS capabilities to show targeted local offices. There is also the ability to find by address.
LOG OUT is clicked to terminate the authorization to the case information details.
3,800 address changes
3,000 contact and notification information changes
5,500 requests for notice reprints
125,000 users have looked up 144,000 cases
Nearly 19 million data requests made
560,000 unique cases looked up
More than 20 million data requests made
4-month period was May 1 through September 1, 2013.

Of the 1.5 million visits, 467,000 were viewed on mobile and 115,000 were viewed on tablet 46%

Accessibility challenges of the case info portal

Building Transparency / Sharing Responsibility
The page views more than doubled in 2013
4.5 million views in 2013
4.1 million views in 2012
Second – We looked at our site usage:

Mobile users are turned off.
We expect mobile numbers to rise with the introduction of an app.

(Pew Internet and American Life Project, 2013)
Average page views per day jumped 150%
68,000 page views per day in 2013
27,000 page views per day in 2012
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