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SIDA 2016 Annual Report

No description

Jason Leow

on 10 April 2017

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Transcript of SIDA 2016 Annual Report

SIDA Annual Report 2016
Reviewed and approved in meeting on 18 Feb 2017
~ 20 minutes
16 Jan 2016: SIDA AGM (Annual General Meeting)
5 Mar 2016: SIDA General Meeting
7 May 2016: SIDA General Meeting
18 Jun 2016: Project Trolley Meeting
2 Jul 2016: SIDA General Meeting
3 Sep 2016: Project Motor Meeting
1 Oct 2016: Project Trolley Meeting
8 Oct 2016: Project Finger Meeting
15 Oct 2016: SIDA General Meeting
5 Nov 2016: SIDA Committee Meeting

6 SIDA Meetings, 4 Project Meetings
Jan 2016: Eddie Chan, Nicky Teo, Lee TC

7 May 2016: Derek Thong, Teh CE, Lim JH

22 Oct 2016: Alex Bong

Total = 7 new members
Meeting on 15 Oct 2016
Shan, Louis
in 2016
* SI-AP#003: Project DRAINAGE
** Inventor: Jason Leow
** Status: On-hold

* SI-AP#004: Project CABLE
** Inventor: Natali Tan, Tan YL
** Status: On-hold

* SI-AP#011: Project HANGER
** Inventor: Tony Er
** Status: On-hold

* SI-AP#012: Project ENGINE
** Inventor: Tan YL
** Status: On-hold
* SI-AP#009: Project LAPTOP
** Inventor: Jason Leow
** Status: Work In Progress
(Patent Pending)

* SI-AP#015: Project TISSUE
** Inventor: Jason Leow
** Status: Work In Progress
(Patent Searching)

* SI-AP#016: Project TROLLEY
** Inventor: Tan YL, David Chen,
Nicky Teo, XiuFeng, Jason Leow
** Status: Work In Progress
(Patent Searching)

* SI-AP#017: Project FINGER
** Inventor: Tan YL
** Status: Aborted

* SI-AP#018: Project MOTOR
** Inventor: Eddie Chan
** Status: Aborted in 3 Sep 2016
First logo review: 5 Dec 2015
Second logo review: 16 Jan 2016
Third logo review: 5 Mar 2016
Final logo voting: 7 May 2016
Old Logo
New Logo
* Reviewed "SIDA and Inventors Agreement" on 5 Nov 2016.
* "SIDA and Inventors Agreement" split into two separate agreement.
* First is "SI-AP Agreement" between SIDA and Inventors.
* Second is "Inventors Agreement" between Inventors only.
* Approved with no objection in email on 20 Nov 2016.
Version 3.0
Version 4.0
9 May 2016:
Meeting with IFIA (International Federation of Inventors Association), Mr Alireza Rastegar
20 May 2016
Meeting with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), Mr Denis Croze and Mr Peter Willimott.
7 Aug 2016
Meeting with IPOS
(Intellectual Property Of Singapore)
IP WEEK 2016
23 to 24 Aug 2016
Attended by Tan YL, Lee TC and Jason Leow
* IPOS Public Consultation on amendment to Singapore Patent Acts Chapter 221
Approved in meeting on 5 Nov 2016.
Approved in SIDA meeting on 7 May 2016
0-0010: This is SIDA annual report 2016. it was reviewed and approved on our meeting in 18 Feb 2017.
1-0010: First, we take a look at our SI-AP Projects.
1-0020: Currently, we have three active projects in progress. Project Laptop, Project Tissue and Project Trolley.
1-0030: And these are our SI-AP Projects that are pending and on hold. Project Drainage, Project Cable, Project Hanger and Project Engine.
1-0040: Two Projects were closed in 2016. Project Finger and Project Motor.
2-0010: Next, we go to our system.
2-0020: On 5 Nov 2016, we did a reviewed on "SIDA and Inventors Agreement". We decided to split this agreement into two separate agreements. The first agreement is called "SI-AP Agreement" between SIDA and Inventors. The second agreement is called "Inventors Agreement" between Inventors. This decision was approved on 20 Nov 2016.
2-0030: On the same day on 5 Nov 2016, SI-AP flow was revised from version three point zero to version four point zero.
2-0040: This is version three point zero.
2-0050: And this is version four point zero.
2-0060: Changes are summarized here.
3-0010: Next, we go on to SIDA collaboration with external parties.
3-0020: On 9 May 2016, we met with I F I A President Mr Alireza to discuss ways to work together.
3-0030: On 20 May 2016, we met with Denis and Peter from WIPO.
3-0040: On 7 Aug 2016, we met with staff of IPOS.
3-0050: On 23 Aug 2016, three of our SIDA members attended IP Week 2016.
3-0060: And in November and December 2016, SIDA reviewed and feedbacked to an IPOS public consultation on amendment of Singapore Patent Acts.
4-0010: Let's take a look at SIDA members issues.
4-0020: In 2016, we held a total of 6 SIDA meetings and 4 Project meetings.
4-0030: And we have a total of 7 new members in 2016.
4-0040: There was some visitors to our meeting on 15 Oct 2016.
5-0010: Next, we look at some other issues.
5-0020: We completed a review of SIDA logo. It was finally approved on 7 May 2016.
5-0030: This is the old logo.
5-0040: And this is the new one.
5-0050: On 7 May 2016, we did a review on SIDA roadmap.
5-0060: This is the old roadmap.
5-0070: And this is the new one.
6-0010: Lastly, comments from our President and Vice President.
6-0020: President's comment.
We started the year 2016 with a new SI-AP project "Trolley". This is the second time we started a joint project by various members.

The first time we did this was project "National". The result of the initial patent search on project "National" shows that it was already patented by Microsoft. Project "National" was therefore aborted.
6-0030: We started the year 2016 ...
With the experiences from project "National", we proceed to project "Trolley" with a better foundation. The inventors' agreement was refined to be more equitable and practical. Our SI-AP (SIDA Inventors Assistance Programme) was further improved.

There is no guarantee that project "Trolley" will become a commercial success. For every new journey, there will always be risk of failure.
6-0040: With the experiences...
I would like to address our SIDA members here. There is no path to our destination, we are trying to create new one. I believed we are moving in the right direction, even if our path are laden with rocks and obstacles. We will stumble and fall, but we will get up. I know the way ahead is tough, but I would like to ask you to be patience and continue to forge ahead. Because when we reached our first destination, it will be sweet.
6-0050: I would like to address...
6-0060: Vice President comments.
Recently, there has been talks that the next wave of industrialization has arrived. Some called it industrialization version 4.0. In this wave, it is predicted that computer and robotic automation will replace human in many aspect of the industries.

Nobody knows how industrialization 4.0 will turn out. One things for sure is that we must be prepared. Innovation and invention is one of the solution. We must cultivate our next generation of workforce with the spirit and passion to innovate and invent. This is exactly what we are trying to do in SIDA.
6-0070: Recently, there has been
We have already created a system for independent inventors to invent. We called it SI-AP (SIDA Inventors Assistance Programme). This system is not perfect yet, I expect more tuning along the way.

As our system mature, we must do one more thing to ensure SIDA success. We need more like minded inventors to join SIDA with the passion and right mentality. This is why we started our communication with other organization like IPOS, WIPO and IFIA. We want to promote SIDA to more people and convince them to join forces with us. Going forward we will do more of these initiatives.
6-0080: We have already...
To our SIDA members, I would like to say this. This could be a turning point of SIDA history. Join us to be a part of this history. I believed that when we achieved our first success, it will be very very nice.
6-0090: To our SIDA members...
(David Chen)
Tan YL
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