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tv show poster

Maggie Guo

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Jessie

Jessie Channel Logo Day Saturday Time 4:00 Rating Jessie is played by Debby Ryan. Jessie is an underpaid nanny
who takes care of four kids.
Luke, Emma, Ravi, and Zuri. Luke is played by Cameron Boyce.
Luke is a naughty kid in his family.
He often gets punished. Zuri is played by Skai Jackson.
Zuri believes in things that are not
real. Ravi is played by Karan Brar.
Ravi is very intelligent.
Ravi has a pet lizard named
Mr.Kipling. Emma is played by Peyton List.
Emma is the oldest in the family.
Emma likes fashion. Bertram is played by Kevin Chamberlin.
Bertram is a butler.
Bertram hates children. Show Summary Jessie was going to New York to live her dreams.
When Jessie was walking,a girl named Zuri asked Jessie to be her nanny. Jessie said yes.Jessie thought that she was taking care of one child but she then realized that she was taking care of four children.Their names are Emma, Luke, Ravi and Zuri.On the first night for dinner Jessie invited the whole family to eat together but they didn't like eating together so they ran away from Jessie. Jessie finally found the kids and made them do push ups.In the end Jessie apologized to the kids and the kids apologized to Jessie. My Opinions I liked the part when Jessie apologized to the kids
because Jessie was being kind and wanted to make
everything right. Just like when I felt bad for not doing my homework so I did my homework in the morning.
I didn't like the part when the kids ran away because
it's dangerous for kids to run away with no guardian
or parent. I don't like that part because I ran away and got lost before when I was three.
I would change the part that Jessie told the kids to do
push-ups because twenty push-ups after controling a
helicopter would be tiring. I get tired even when I play badminton. Main Characters
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