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Pure Substances and Mixtures

No description

Nash Ramsay

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Pure Substances and Mixtures

How does this apply in the real world
Pure substances and Mixtures relate to our everyday lives because we encounter pure substances and mixtures daily. For example, when you pick up your pencil and start writing down notes in class, your pencil lead is made up of 3 different substances mixed together, so it's a mixture. As you can see, you encounter pure substances and mixtures many different ways throughout your day.
What is a Mixture?
A mixtures is 2 different substances mixed together with 2 or more different particles. Examples of 2 mixtures are, Kool-Aid, which contains flavored Kool-aid crystals and water or cake, which contains eggs, water, vanilla...etc
What is a Pure Substances?
A pure substance is only 1 substance with only 1 type of particle. For example, pure water only contains water molecules (H2O) so pure water is a pure substance but pool water which is filled with chlorine.
Particles of a Pure substance and a Mixture
Paramount Pure Substances and Mysterious Mixtures
The difference between Tap water and Distilled water.
As you can see two different pure substances with two different types of particles together create a mixture.
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