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Copy of Remember When Retreat Center

No description

Kristen Miller

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Remember When Retreat Center

Remember When Retreat Center Together It Works Our goal is to help couples Do you and your significant other ever... You're not alone
88% of survey respondents
stated they want "that moment" back We can help you get
"that moment"
back The Experience Products Leaving with
a better relationship than
you came with Our Niche Compassion
Love We are Strong Yet Learning Have Opportunities Experience Bumps Comfort
Seclusion Expectations
Seasons Partners
Activity Development Weather
Economy Camping - $70/night The Pricing Mid-Missouri focus
Advertising advisory staff
Professional affiliation expectation
Track for effectiveness Strategy to Advertising Rebekah Lucas - CEO Management Team Licensing and Permits The Legal End of Matters Getting the Materials Clients Credit Policies A.P. Greenhouse Bed & Breakfast 12 miles away 5 bedrooms available 1 meal per day No recreation The Gathering Place Bed & Breakfast 29.5 Miles away 4 rooms available 1 small breakfast daily Recreation within walking distance Huber's Ferry Bed and Breakfast 38 miles away 4 bedrooms available 1 small breakfast daily No recreaction Services Seclusion
Togetherness Indoor Room - $210/night Competitor Pricing - $150/night Survey Results 188 Respondents

Need accessible counseling

Want relationship help

Enjoy doing things outdoors

Would pay for the services Lesa Berry - CFO Kristen Miller - COO Housekeeping
Activity Assistants
Maintenance Backbone Staff Business License Food Handlers Permit and Inspections Environmental
Concerns Organizational Chart 2014 Expenses 2015 Expenses 2016 Expenses 2014 Sales by Month Profit/Loss Projections What we need Owner Investment
Bank Loan
Four Investors CEO CFO COO Laundry and Maintenance Activity and Reception Clients Overall operations
Service management
Customer expectation Onsite activity management
Reception duties
Activity management
Front office management. Financial compliance and marketing
Experienced in both fields
Customer management. Formed as an LLC company for asset protection of ownership and investors. Local Vendors Laundry Contracts Vendors Advertising Professional Contracts

Brochures Quarterly Newsletter

Website Start-Up Costs Return on Investment $20,000 return on year one

Starting on year six

Returns based on percent of ownership

Returns will be given on income over $75,000 Four planned activities daily
Access to bathhouse
Access to self lead activities Four planned activities daily
Three full meals daily
Private bedroom and bathroom
Premium toiletries
Access to self lead activities Additional Costs Private and professional counseling services
On-site horseback riding Our Competitors 3 nearest to us

A.P. Greenhouse Bed & Breakfast
The Gathering Place Bed & Breakfast
Huber's Ferry Bed & Breakfast Questions? Net expenses $722,015 Net expenses $691,044 Net expenses $1,290,993 Products and Services Market Analysis Market Research Operational Plan Financial Forecast Marketing Plan Support each other
Have fun everyday
Learn new things together
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