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My Summer Training @ Aramco

An accomplishment presentation I did by the end of my training at Aramco for 2 months.

Nora AlHarthi

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of My Summer Training @ Aramco

2 Months of Excitement!
Thank you for your attention!
Summertime increases the demand for electricity and raises the risk of fire in homes with older or damaged wiring systems. Air conditioning equipments are some of the seasonal appliances that can place added stress and strain on a home's electrical wiring and cause a potentially tragic fire.
Check your wiring frequently
Avoid overwhelming the electricity
Myself and My University
Tasks and Accomplishments
Courses and sessions
What did I learn?
My plan in future
About me
Was established in 1979 as a part of King Abdul Aziz University, headquartered in Jeddah. Became independent in 2003.
It has 19 colleges
College of Computing and Information Systems
Computer Science
Information Systems
Computer Engineering
TU has partnership with KAUST
The University was given a land grant of about 17,000,000 square meters for its new future university city
About TU
Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality
Each year, KACST organizes a contest to discover the gifted & talented in Mathematics & Physics of secondary school students in the Kingdom, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The top ten students are recognized & awarded for their achievements to promote their interests in these basic sciences
More about Mathematics And Physics Contest
Second place in National Olympiad of Mathmatics (2008)
- Only female from Taif
- My score: 8.5 / 10
Nora AL-Harthi
From Taif, Saudi Arabia
Joined Taif University in 2009
Computer Science major
Senior student
Expected to graduate 2013
My interests:
Public awareness
Extracurricular Activities
Acadox ambassador
What's Acadox?
Introducing “acadox” a cutting-edge approach to managing academic–social life. “Acadox” is accessible to everyone across the globe for FREE. It has a fully Arabized interface for the local needs.“Acadox” is community-focused and has the perfect blend of tools and services to help reach the maximum of the academic goals.
Tasks & Accomplishments
a. Develop a general understanding of Saudi Aramco Risk Register concepts and Risk identification process.

b. Conduct detailed research on the new concept of KRI (Key Risk Indicator) and its relationship with the existing Key Performance Indicator currently adopted by Saudi Aramco.

c. Conduct technical research on specific tools required for Risk Assessment process, such as Microsoft BitLocker, and some high level cloud computing.
a. Develop a general understanding of Business
Continuity process.
b. Develop a general understanding site survey
required for Business Continuity.
c. Risk analysis and BIA process.
d. Develop a general understanding of Business
Impact Analysis.
e. Develop a general understanding Disaster
Recovery planning.
f. Facilitate a session for the BCP group for CRM.
g. Coordinate CRM development with Application dept.
h. Review existing PowerPoint and documentations on BCP.
1) Developed personal and communication skills with highly professional and busy environments at Saudi Aramco.

2) Developed good understanding of business conflict and resolution principles.

3) Established good understanding of the main principle of communication with direct mentors and immediate supervisor.

4) Established good foundation of time management and effective methods on assignment utilization.
Soft Skills gained:
- Short session training on Risk analysis process
- session training on Business Continuity process
- Lean Six Sigma professional two days training
- Safety Orientation
Courses & Sessions

Full Day Leadership tour at Saudi Aramco Leadership center - Ras Tanura
Tour in IT Future Center
Visits by my own:
Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd
Leader's Preparation Center
3D Leader
) session
Dhahran Toastmasters Club
Analyze Your Use of Time
How to set goals and Achieve them?
Communication Circle
Professional work environment / Ethics
Analytical thinking
Leadership / communication skills
What did I learn?
Sami Maghlooth
Iris Gallatin
Mohannad Awad
Heytham Abbad
Mohammed Malla
Taha Alsafi

And all of my amazing supportive team!
At Aramco:
My plan in future:
Graphology is the study of analyzing your personality through your handwriting. In the medical field, it can be used as an aid in tracking the diseases of the brain and nervous system.
Massive thanks
1st month
2nd month
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