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Closing the Achievement Gap

No description

Amanda Inman

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Closing the Achievement Gap

Closing the Achievement Gap TQM Historical Background Acts of Improvement Random Aligned The Power of Vision TQM and Effective Schools Managing Breakthrough Process The Eight Step Process Common Principles Quality Concepts Total Quality Management is defined as
"an operational theory of management
and a set of process tools for
implementation." Dr. W. Edwards Deming's basic philosophy on quality was that productivity improves as variability decreases.
He claimed that management is responsible for 94% of all quality problems, and pointed out that it is management's task to help people work smarter not harder. TQM is a movement that has spread in every industry, business, and service organization including public education.
Total Quality involves everyone within the school district. In providing training in quality principles, every school person is armed with the education, training, and authority needed to identify, analyze, and solve problems; to establish quality goals and objectives and to measure results; and to focus the strategic vision on the needs, requirements, and expectations of its customers. Go Slow at First So You can Go Fast Later On
Do It Right The First Time And Eliminate Re-Work
The 20 - 80 Rule
Root Cause Analysis
All components of the system work together for the good of the system
Vision without action is merely a dream; Action without vision just passes the time; Vision with action can change the world.
- Joel Barker Proven Management Principles
Advances Organizational Aims & Goals
Data Driven
Continuous Improvement
Simple, not easy
Commitment, time & resources
Thinking "outside the Box" In the words of Indiana Jones... "This is impossible. Nobody can jump this."
"It's a leap of faith" Remember what his father says, "You must believe." You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School.
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