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Washington D.C. and Pheonix

unit: north american cities zach lava and jason burger p.5

Jason Burger

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Washington D.C. and Pheonix

Washington D.C. and Phoenix washingtons economy most of DC's tourists come from the monuments: wasington mon., lincoln mem., jefferson mem. etc. housing in DC is more than US average wahingtons biggest industry: Government climate and geo. of DC phoenix's economy phoenix is a major agricultural and industrial center phoenix's money crops phoenix manufactures many products industrial activities include Environment of DC located in the eastern region its not in a state highs and lows in DC DC occupies 68 sq. miles. phoenix's environment many climate changes valley of the sun low temp. 41 degrees. high temp. 104 degrees. many great activities year round. extra activities non-year round culture of DC population almost 4 mil. 66% african amer. rest is white asian or hispanic. School students many culture activities home to libray of congress national Zoo not controlled by president culture of phoenix ethnic groups include.... phoenix also has great restaurants in conclusion.... choose a city. finally the MYP unit question.
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