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General Knowledge Quiz

No description

N Littler

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of General Knowledge Quiz

2. Who painted the Mona Lisa? 1. What kind of creature was defeated by the Three Billy Goats Gruff? 7. What was the name of Harry Potter’s pet owl? 6. Who picked a peck of pickled pepper? Name the following people*: 11. 16. What is the largest planet in the solar system? 22. Which sport takes place in a velodrome? GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ 3.Who leads a gang of outlaws in Sherwood Forest? 4. Who were all the King’s horses and men unable to put together again? 5. What is the name of Shakespeare's theatre? 8. What is the artistic technique of gluing a number of items together to form a new work called? 9. In which town do the Flintstones live? 12. 13. 14. 15. 17. What colour are dandelions? 18. In computing, what is Mb short for? 19. What is the innermost colour of a rainbow? 21. What turns red in the presence of acid and blue in the presence of alkali? 23. From what country does Lego come? 24. How many holes are there on a standard golf course? 10. What is the name of Shrek’s wife? 20. What name is given to the collection of 22 bones found in the head?
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